Wednesday, 2 September 2015

episode 21 fur coat

"mera naam kya hai?"

"aap bhool gaye kya?" 

what's my name? 

have you forgotten?

the episode started on a delightfully light note. day three of asr versus khushi kumari gupta, all agog to find out what's in it. khushi in full form with her dm bharosa, her wariness around this asr creature. but perhaps she's just a little surer of herself after last evening, and so the quick, irreverent repartee.

soon enough she realises, uh huh, the monster is alive and kicking, and armed with ridiculous ideas to keep her occupied endlessly doing banal things, erase extra "a"s from his haloed name in this case from a huge stack of letters. we see a cute, chaplinesque sequence of her tackling this, reminded me of the broom stick and khushi in peon gear much later in the prinicipal's office. here it was perfect for the story and the episode design, there it was just trying hard to garner trp while the main story was lost, the characters losing themselves.

and asr started out cool, clever, enjoying his plans, a nasty smile lighting up his insides, glittering in his wicked gaze. he'd heard she wanted to rush home early today, and so the game was simple: find ways to keep her in office. forever.

a lighthearted, frothy, quizzical, gently lit beginning.

then suddenly it was simmering red.

and finally, dark, smouldering, roaring beneath the surface, night closing in. all airiness gone, the space is getting denser.

not a trace of the day or playfulness in it. slowly passion seeps in. i kept thinking, this is perhaps the most tense and swarmed with unspoken feelings moment i've seen between them till now. something much much more than two people with egos rubbing each other up the wrong way. or maybe that's why. there was friction, lots of it. and it started the fire. again a sense of inevitability as he walked up to her slowly, characteristic swaying deliberate gait. and she stood stock still, terrified.

"night time sharpens, heightens each sensation
darkness stirs and wakes imagination
silently the senses abandon their defences
slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour
grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender
turn your face away from the garish light of day
turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light and listen to the music of the night"

~~~ phantom of the night ~~~

this smooth, efficient, and unerringly delivered episode design is what struck me the most about the episode. 

those days, there was a lot of creative thought expended on the making of ipk. i enjoyed lisa, she was a little older than the usual models, but she was completely fashion world diva. haughty, selfish, using her sexuality to gain advantage, high strung and hysterical. what a fine frenzied response to orange juice on french fur coat. 

the understanding of character made the early days sparkle. somewhere akash is still in goofy haze while di cracks dupattewali jokes. manorama and ma in law love hate carries on. now dear mami sleeps off in the middle of loads of work. nani ji in full spate at this. but here we don't have cowering bahus before acerbic saases.

this is how they are, and below the acid, there's emotion and respect and all that makes one family. bua ji is sliding deeper into the muck of shyam's sweetness. while payal waits for khushi to come home to celebrate her birthday.

anjali's husband is coming home this evening. shyam must go away for the night, work calls. the connection is clear, slipped naturally into story. up to you to make it or not.

and as khushi gazes speechless at the man and he looks back, intense, almost lost, a luxurious swathe of fur between them adding sensuality to it all, warm dim lights flickering, the curtain of faceted beads stay still as though holding its breath, the scene fades.

interestingly, he knew exactly who should take care of the fur coat, who would protect it with her life. so, while he did this to hold her back for hours and goad her into leaving, he still let her have that coat because he trusted her. hmmm, smarrrt bwoy, ajit the villain of my days would have said.

"... yahan statue ke tarah khada raho," stand here like  astatue... don't even blink. must he sound so cute while saying such silly things. and sanaya was smooth and had the most supremely well pitched expressions. maza aa gaya episode. 

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