Sunday, 20 September 2015

flames of diwali

layer upon layer, word by word, feeling by feeling his discomfort and anger is rising... he has lost complete control over his feelings. this hasn't happened before... ever... kamzore... kissi ladkise koi faraq nahin padta... then what was this? had she left it alone and walked away things might have gone a different way. but just as she was perturbed so was he... both in difficult places, the more she pushed him, the more he had to hurt her... she had to be told she was of no consequence... he had to tell himself that... no he had to convince himself... his very life seemed to depend on it... so many years' resolve... a decision that had helped him survive... that said, pyaar bakwaas hai... for he had seen its consequences on his mother... he would never let that happen to him... no girl would ever matter, then why... why was this happening, why was he becoming weak... he had to push her away... stop it... but she isn't going away... where did you get the payal... why did you keep it, why are you returning it, why today... he had turned back at the pool without any thought, as he'd looked at her, lovely lissome arms in bright diwali bangles, fingers clutching, a tremulous air making her even more lovely, her smooth girlish bosom covered in deep passionate red, now heaving as she breathed heavily looking torn, questions in her gaze, her long throat, a gold necklace enhancing its beauty even more and those lips, small, innocent, glistening in pearly pink, a little parted trembling as she tried to come back to reality, he couldn't stop himself, he just walked back to her, and as she took her steps away, backing away, he followed as though a magnet pulled him... when she came up against the wall and stopped, he just stood their gazing, eyes riveted on her sweet innocent face, its sensuality seething underneath, his hand came up when he didn't know, oh the touch of her hair, her gentle curve of cheek, he just wanted to be here forever, the other hand soon followed, her cheek rested in the cup of his palm, innocence against knowledge... he could only stare into her eyes and go near... she didn't stop him, he didn't stop himself, he wanted to just tonight he just so wanted to feel those lips against his, this once, now here now... all sound cut out, he began to swoop toward her, to make her his, to become hers.



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