Sunday, 27 September 2015

that sense of sanka

you had to feel the sanka deep in your bones, your little toe, the ends of your long switch/wig hair, and every mm of your grey matter, only then could you portray it so light, so frothy, and so irritating when you meant it to be. sanaya was really into it in these post wedding, post holi sau tarike days; and that fabled barun sanaya chemistry did its own thing making us giggle and swoon. only crib: wish the writing were stronger. i never could convince myself that kkg would do this to take on asr. obviously story was meant to push us to a happier place from the chaotic wedding, the light sexy feel of ipk needed to be suv-ed back in, and yeah one had to see how sanka devi would deal with this completely out of the blue, very hard to deal with situation in her life, but something jigged and winked and whispered to me, this would not be the way. too slapstick, too much slap... sanka devi has more brain and subtlety than you think she has... like that "kaala" she gave him for holi, then totally shattered him with a simple straight from the gut, "aisa kyun hota hai..." 
something always said to me she'd have found a keener way; of course, it would be swirly and crunchy, and crisp and dipped in pure true sanka.



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