Thursday, 28 April 2016

episode 373 pulling my hair

honestly, the idea of doing a dna test of the man you love so much that baat aapki hai, that without him your saansey will stop, that you hum bhi aap se love you dammit, to find out if he is the father of the child you've just met, is so preposterous, i don't know what i can say really.

other than, yeh sab bakwas hai.

no, it's an insult of everything. of asr. of khushi. of their love. of our love. our faith. our trust.

and then you go and try to keep it "light." have you all gone nuttus to use a mami word.

also you try to fleck it with pyaar, of the cute kind. so both asr and aarav grab khushi's dupatta by the poolside. i really think i'll stop breathing... not with love. only good thing... it was not asr, it was his much larger, not at all asr-ish double.

so khushi spent the whole day trying to find ways to pull out her husband's hair... and writer thought he had gone back to kindergarten, just got admitted in faith academy i am sure, and came up with the gum manoeuvre. of course only after a real nahiiin dialogue about khushi and her gum, as in gham... sadness, was delivered. the kind of punning that almost has the writer's face beaming at the end of it with an expression that says, "get it??!!!"

it was a morbid feeling that settled in me. and really so much messing with the dna of ipk. it's becoming hard to recognise it. 

i stared stoically at arnav singh raizada's face and made caps. my sample to test the native truth about my favourite show. is it still here? or is this an imposter?

have to say, asr was there... though that sweet smile bestowing stranger would take over his body from time time. but he tried to hold on. 

khushi is totally unrecognisable, i recall jwmrk using the word "gravitas" for barun's acting. there was an element of that in sanaya's interpretation of khushi too. she never let her become the flat too "bubbly" oh so achhi ladki "chulbuli" character we are often gasping at in the name of a "lovable" and "different" girl.

sanaya made khushi truly fresh,  a person, and she gave her incredible depth. her acting in the early episodes was fine and measured, and intelligent. in fact, khushi was intelligent, her sanka didn't make her stupid.

what's going on here?

anyway, the last scene had me leaping with glee for a fraction of an instant. he is angry i thought. livid. that's what he should be. 

and yet every shot had a double in it and marred the moment.

had they gone into the whole dna test thing more seriously after this, showing a real confrontation between the two... the mix of many emotions this would set off in him... in her, we may have had a shot at something that has the signature of ipk in it. but that is not to happen.

i am now wondering, was this the arch way writers were protesting against the complete changing around of the show by channel executives and their constant interference and quick fix solutions offered too helpfully?

and i didn't know you could just get a test done like that in a day, they even post the result to you. 


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