Wednesday, 28 December 2016

first thoughts on 246

honestly, words fail.

i watched 246. almost had heart attack. how terribly well designed was that nonsensical suicide scene... how they contrasted his panicky serious thing with her chaotic goofiness... both though coming from the same emotion. and as time passed it grew denser and denser... so damn much feeling for another person, yet no way to resolve it. extraordinary acting.

i have told myself not to even try to attempt to write everything, because that will never get done. and really, most of it, i can't find words for.

what can become complete melodrama they get so well. the chaos within both are in tune with.

i think "airport" was barun's last day of full time shoot at ipk before he left. but for some reason since the terrace in 246, almost all shots where khushi is facing camera and it's from asr's back... it is his double, with that different ear.

even in dhaga, so many shots from the back, i try not to think of it, just look at sanaya. 


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