the teri meri prem kahani episodes 161 - 171

a shimmer of green, a jet pure black, and a dance. a story of two people that will twirl, lift, swing us with such smooth effortless ease, we'd never know when it was that we lost all resistance and gave in to love. she was in a quandary... he appeared out of the dark and said, won't you finish what you started.

it was the twenty third of january. i watched the dance sitting on my bed just past midnight. i will never forget the feeling. i have written endlessly on this moment in their story and made vms, added it to fanfiction, discussed it again and again, even celebrated its anniversary... what was a fairly ordinary song has become full of meaning now. i hope every love story has its own teri meri. not a moment that you can explain, just own and make yours.


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