Wednesday, 27 July 2016

your junoon your karaar... a vm

an experiment... trying to tell a story in sound, song, words, etchings... coming together, not flowing a linear course. no idea if it worked. had fun making it and learned a little more about imovie. do let me know your thoughts. i really wished i had had hd visuals for this one, might have been able to do it a little differently in terms of colours and effects... however i like them even severely pixelated and i did enjoy watching the vm... maybe hmm because i made it? teehee.

two music tracks... one is the song tu hi junoon from dhoom 3, sung by mohit chauhan and the other, the first movement of tchaikovsky's sixth symphony in b minor.

translation courtesy

music: pritam chakraborty
singer: mohit chauhan
lyrics: kausar munir
translated by: harshit gupta

tu chharahari dhoop hai
tu karaari shaam
dil kahe barbaad ho jaaun
le ke tera naam

you're slender sunlight,
you're crispy evening,
the heart wishes that i destroy myself
with your name on my lips.

tu jale to din chadhe
tu bujhe to raat
dil kare kurbaan karoon
tujh pe apni jaan

when you rise, the day begins,
when you're extinguished, it's night.
the heart says that i should sacrifice
my life on you..

tu hi junoon, tu hi karaar
tu hi junoon, tu hi karaar

you're the passion, and you're the peace too..
taare saare ke saare
thagne lage hain ab mujhe
din mein sapne dikhaane
lagne lage hain ab mujhe

all the stars have begun to cheat me..
they have begun to show me dreams during the days..

tu bandhi zanjeer hai
tu kasakti heer
dil kare tere liye
rakh doon dil ko cheer

you're a tied chain,
and you're the aching lover..
the heart wishes that for you,
i rip my heart apart..
tu thirakta teer hai
do dhaari talwar
dil kare hanste hue
le loon tere waar

you're the dancing arrow,
the double edged sword,
the heart wishes that I take
all your attacks with a smile..

tu hi junoon, tu hi karaar
tu hi junoon, tu hi karaar

aasmaan siyaah ghulne laga sa hai
baadlon ka dil khulne laga sa hai
tu mila khila din, raat dhal gayi
daag chaand ka dhulne laga sa hai
likh diya dil ki kalam se tumhara naam
baandh ke taaveez main pehnoon subaho shaam

the dark sky has begun to dissolve,
the heart of clouds has begun to open,
when you met, the day blossomed, the night ended..
the spot in the moon has begun to get washed (and the moon is clearer)
i have written your name with the heart's pen.
Now i wear it day and night as a talisman..
tu jale to din chadhe
tu bujhe to raat
dil kare kurbaan karoon
tujh pe apni jaan

tu hi junoon, tu hi karaar
tu hi junoon, tu hi karaar...


note: no copyright infringement intended. this is really fan appreciation, and nothing else. there's no monetary or commercial involvement in this endeavour. the songs, visuals, music belong to original copyright owners.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

a girl and a gussa... episode 5

browsing through episode 5... fell for that frown behind the agarbattis. and the girl who decided she'd have her say before she was forced to leave town. no fault of hers the whole thing. the man who's got her into trouble is not a girl (and how), so has no idea where all this could lead. he's just teaching a pesky girl a lesson. do girls really have to leave town when such things transpire? wish i could say no... but in small towns across india the story is disheartening... just read that a girl gang raped by some men in one small town near delhi was again raped by the same men. her family actually moved to another city, threatened by these rapists. they walked about free, and got to her once more. this is a tv show. i am sure no one who hasn't experienced this attitude to girls will understand why in a middle class home, the vulnerable and terribly insulted mother takes the decision she does. nor will they think goons can behave like that with you on the road. they can. and every time a hero like character doesn't come by to save anyone. beautiful dialogues, irritating sisters, loving sisters, a girl dressed like a bride, a man who doesn't want to be dulha.

a scene from 178

after a long long time, went and saw the scene. i wasn't sure if it would get me again. i almost looked for flaws, for moments where i could detect the disconnect. at one point i almost thought i did. so i went back and watched again and felt myself go slightly crazy once more. don't know if it was a good thing or bad but most of the night went making caps and editing and hearing the voices again... what if i lost you... aapko kya faraq padta hai... where the hell were you.

Friday, 15 July 2016

what if...

what if i lost you?!

suddenly the words passed through my mind leaving a trail of memories and yearning behind. and a grazed slightly torn thing inside. wind blowing over it, carrying the hurt about in the night. once it meant the night, all of it. and the finding of rare and precious things just sitting there. a reminder of life. of why it does make a difference. i take a slow breath. it still hurts. did i lose you?

e p i s o d e s  o f  f a r a q  p a d t a  h a i