kidnap episodes 258 - 285

kidnap. a simple little word that came to mean madness and magic ultimately. from early jan of 2012 i think the word was whispered among ipk lovers. seemed there would be a wedding and then someone would be kidnapped. who would it be? many thought it would be khushi... but in the end, it was asr. creatives decided that during barun's break for the shooting of his first film main aur mr riight, even though he would be coming for shoot regularly, they'd develop a story around his abduction. 

there were many unforgettable moments and a fascinating resolution of love in these episodes. absolute beauty. 

and yet, i felt, they might have told a stronger tale than they did. 

the actual plot line of kidnap was never worked out. shyam almost overnight moved from an interesting character to a flat loud overtly baddie sort...  the very idea that he could actually kidnap asr was hard to believe, and the unkempt writing didn't help either. for example, why did this perfectly intelligent man follow a set of four goons out of the airport that day... how, for that matter, did those four get inside the high security area... and most importantly, why did shyam kidnap asr? why did he decide to keep him alive? nothing had been written with clarity and the hazy incomplete air around kidnap remained... weakening ipk... straining the all important thread of tight story.

really, why did shyam kidnap asr?

guess i'll just stay struck by the beauty i found here and try not to get sidetracked by pertinent questions.

it's a hindi soap... that it brought me the sort of joy it did, is in itself an absolute surprise, a brown swan sort of event. left me gasping... okay, so story went nowhere.

got kidnapped, i am thinking as i chuckle. 

~   episode 258 to love   ~

~   episode 259 woh baat   ~

~   episode 260 why him   ~

~   episodes 261/262 two detectives and a 

disconnect   ~

~   episode 263 theme for a dream   ~

~   episode 264 why a man speaks love   ~

~   episode 265 yes you dd find me   ~

~   episode 266 clasped   ~

~ episode 267 touch me with your love (vm)

~   episode 268 arnav hello hi   ~

~   episode 269 hasee but no phasee   ~ 

~   episode 270 exscoozhe me   ~

~   episode 271 call home my warrior   ~

~   episode 272 a villain and a goddess   ~

~   episodes 273 - 276 players and lovers   ~

~   episode 277 may i have this dance   ~

~   episode 278 a conversation in hamesha   ~

~ episodes 279/280 of plots and plotters ~

~   episode 281 shyam and sherlock   ~

~   episode 282 truly nandkissore   ~

episode 283 the eye is the storm   ~ 

~   episodes 284/285 a tale of two wives   ~ 



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