chot and its episodes 198 - 202

as we move beyond the brutal forced wedding and its aftermath, emotions come rolling back in again, and for a period there's a sensitive evocative delving into the emotions of asr as well as khushi, but i feel more asr... a look at what made this man lose his mind, his chot... that conflict of the heart and mind and their domain in him. his dimaag concentrates on what's imoprinted on it, khushi in another man's arms, khushi exhorting shyam to end his marriage to anhjali... 

asr should be able to hate khushi on the basis of this physical evidence, or so he believes, of her treachery.

but really, he can't. his heart won't let him. it senses her, it feels her... it doesn't care what the eyes have seen and ears have heard. i felt the creatives touch a key tenet of pyaar... it must be evinced with things beyond five senses, it is in an extra rational arena where love lives and breathes, and connects us to the truth. it is not to be examined by dimaag but submitted to by dil. however dotty that may sound, however difficult our extremely rational way of looking at life may feel challenged by it... tat is how it is. rational examining will not do the trick, believing and accepting will. love is in the end a submission of our ego to an emotion.


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