farewell episodes 386 - 398

main chauda saal ka tha jab... it's the last fourteen, suddenly they're here. always a pang in my dil, a sadness really... that we shall not be getting lost in asr and khushi for too long again. that twelve midnight witching hour of mine suddenly losing its wizardry. so ordinary everything again. even the middle of the night.

they weren't ipk's best episodes. they often frustrated and drove me crazy. but i still feel close to them. episode by episode a distance was traveled, away... far away... on a scooter on a helicopter on a sigh, ipk moved away touching my earth and my sky. where's nk? my language is sounding weird like his. what the. let's go say a goodbye. then run back fast to episode 1 and start all over again.  

|   episode 386 farewell to dimaag   |   episode 387 let's

quarrel   |   episode 388 all ipk is a stage   |   episodes

389/390 missing the mehsoos   |   episodes 391/392 the

show goes on   |   episodes 393/394 salad days   |   episode 

395 a woman in his life   |   episodes 396/397/398 the end   |


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   november again   ~    


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