dilli mein bali episodes 216 - 218

right as one of the worst fights between asr and khushi got going, and it was a beautiful one too, the whole story of bali started. i was a little surprised. you have a fight and your grandma buys you tickets to bali? not bad. maybe we'll get to see asr khushi frolick in the sea...

at first we thought this was for real. but this is ipk, so things are never what they seem to be. now bali surrounded by beautiful seas has come to shantivan surrounded by beautiful crazy folk. 

the whole campy, weird bali thing was so bizarre, no point trying to make sense of it. and anyway, i don't really care, because there were such unutterably beautiiful, incisive, sexy, gorgeous, yes yes i am gushing, exploration of pyaar in it.

so how's your tango? want to give it a try?

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