feeling arnav ji feeling episodes 131 - 137

time to say chame to you and hold your hand. time for sanka devi and laad governor to be on the same side. time to laugh our guts out as we feel our hearts flutter. akash and payal are in love and their siblings must do all they can to make sure this feeling arnav ji feeling doesn't get destroyed. 

~   episode 131 two by two   ~   episode 132 it's a deal   ~

episode 133 alag achha dhamakedar   ~   episode 134 love, 

pyaar, chemistry   ~   episode 135 feeling or fact   ~   episode 

136 get the ishara?   ~   episode 137 khushi's crazy uncle   ~

episode 133/134/136/137/138 it's in your eyes   ~


|   barun in white and grey   |

|   superhit hero   |

|   of love, life, and fear   |

|   a ditty for fifth   |


episode rambles


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