jahan meri patni episodes 313 - 317

suddenly without any preamble arrived dadi. mat rolled up under arm, original story rolled up and thrown out into the bin. the most disconcerting days of ipk followed. after the magnificent fight and hauling of wife to mere paas mere saath, i had thought the coming together of two people in a marriage would happen. not just sex, but the getting into a life together, now without all the misunderstandings and shyam swagger. asr had promised he would make khushi "hissa" of his life... i was wondering how. and with all the hints dropped about a bada sa laad governor, etc., i'd also thought we might go to a much looked forward trip to sheesh mahal and its mysteries.

instead it was dadi time.

only good thing, it was also asr gussa time... and oh all those meri patni, my wife moments. right up to  a night on a terrace.



fan fiction

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