iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? is a television show, aired on star plus from 6 june 2011 to 30 november 2012. the show and its copyright belong to star plus and orginal creators. is my personal blog, i am a fan of the show and share my love for it here, both as a creative exercise and for the enjoyment of other fans. this is not directed at monetary gain of any sort.

on this blog i write about the show or create visuals and written material inspired by it, from episode analyses to poems to fanfiction to edits of scenes, etc. these are my creations and belong to me.

original writing

all the writing here is entirely mine and i have the copyright to it. specifically, the episode analyses/takes under episode rambles and the critical notes and poems and other writings in seat belt! are my original creations. i own them.

should you wish to use any written text, do leave a note and i'll get back to you.


the fanfiction, as the name suggests, is inspired by the show and  i thank star plus and original creators for all the characters and the show. being straight forward fanfiction, the stories at times refer to situations in the original show. however the plot development of not cut out for love and its story is mine. without you takes off where iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? ended and while it doesn't refer to the original exactly as it was, the basic story of khushi and arnav singh raizada prior to without you is similar to the original show. i thank creators for that.

in the tradition of fanfiction, the characters of my fiction are borrowed from the original, however the stories and ideas are mine. the fiction are posted under: ipk ff: without you, ipk ff: not cut out for love, and stories of asr kkg. 


all original visuals are from the show iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? and are owned by the rightful owners of the show. i edit the visuals as a fan, in appreciation and for no monetary gain; i give absolute credit to the makers of the show for these beautiful pictures.

since i am not the original owner of the visuals, i cannot give permission to use it elsewhere, that right is not mine. 


there are times when i disagree with what was done in the show and express that clearly, however without any malicious intent, more as part of a critical estimate of the show itself. i do believe iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? has the potential to be a classic and has many significant lessons for the viewer in real life. above all, its understanding of love and relationship is to be lauded, no less. and also its portrayal of women... its attitude to women.

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