Sunday, 26 February 2017

dard... a vm i just had to make

dard is ache, dard is pain, agony, wound, dard blows us away. without it, how would we live or love.

made this vm just as 2015 arrived... this is what i wrote when i posted it on india-forums:

hi everyone, pictures of asr khushi in my mind the whole day, that too with a sombre piece of music... the last movement of tchaikovsky's pathetique, a symphony i heard a while ago by chance and absolutely fell for... not that i listen all the time, nor that i recognise every bit of it, but at some point as a movement plays, it reaches out and i do know yes, this is the sixth in b minor and i fly off...

just read that in russian the name translates to passionate...

believe it or not i made this to wish you all a great year ahead... my daughter saw it and said all the "staring" reminded her of twilight, though some bits made her happy.

have a splendid 2015...

please watch in hd and push up the sound.


note: no copyright infringement intended. this is really fan appreciation, and nothing else. there's no monetary or commercial involvement in this endeavour. the songs, visuals, music belong to original copyright owners.

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