Sunday, 24 July 2016

a girl and a gussa... episode 5

browsing through episode 5... fell for that frown behind the agarbattis. and the girl who decided she'd have her say before she was forced to leave town. no fault of hers the whole thing. the man who's got her into trouble is not a girl (and how), so has no idea where all this could lead. he's just teaching a pesky girl a lesson. do girls really have to leave town when such things transpire? wish i could say no... but in small towns across india the story is disheartening... just read that a girl gang raped by some men in one small town near delhi was again raped by the same men. her family actually moved to another city, threatened by these rapists. they walked about free, and got to her once more. this is a tv show. i am sure no one who hasn't experienced this attitude to girls will understand why in a middle class home, the vulnerable and terribly insulted mother takes the decision she does. nor will they think goons can behave like that with you on the road. they can. and every time a hero like character doesn't come by to save anyone. beautiful dialogues, irritating sisters, loving sisters, a girl dressed like a bride, a man who doesn't want to be dulha.

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