Sunday, 4 June 2017

nishana ipk

in lucknow you'll find some lucknowi ways, girls in wedding finery with sneakers on their feet, men in aviators a complete visual treat, and if you think a haveli is sorely required, look there just beyond that, is that what you desired? and should you ever enter a bhoolbhulaiya only to lose your way, 
fear not, the man with a rose is waiting to have his say. from that very first hour he knew what we would know some day soon, a rose is about to find her thorn, on this wonderful evening of sixth june.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? is a hindi serial telecast by star plus from 6 june 2011 to 30 november 2012. the show ended amid a fair bit of controversy and heartache. three years on, it still touches, still thrills, still takes one far far away. (i wrote this in 2015, for a "third anniversary" celebration on india-forums>)

was there ever a time without jalebi, without scattering 

pearls, without suv, payal, mannat ki chabi, without a girl with a crooked

plait and a straight to the heart, funny, snazzy, sanka and a man with the

most exotic eyes and dammit, and a catastrophe in his heart and mind that 

just wouldn't let him give a faraq for anything. did time really tick before

rabba vey? iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? was clearly no ordinary soap, 

though a full blooded, large, rambling, dhakdhak giving, colourful soap it

certainly was. if the landing in the helicopter and the take off on a scooter 

with "hey devi maiyya" sotto voce didn't tell you something out of the

ordinary was coming your way, then the goat certainly did. hai re nand

kissore, what's this about a goat now... well, she was the keeper and 

bestower of great wealth, lakshmi ji no less; and she could talk. perhaps

not as much as the girl who loved to hear a man yell "shaat up" but she

could carry on an avid conversation as hp will happily confirm. but before 

i digress, and in case you still haven't realised it, we are in a maze. naturally...

this is lucknow, you're in iss pyaar ko land with indi. and it should come as 

no surprise that we are now lost in the bhoolbhulaiya. ever since the beginning

some of us have been lurking here looking for the way out, but not till we

have found the way to hamesha. the more we lose our way, 

 the closer we seem to get. she came out of nowhere

and fell right into his arms, he reached out and caught her and his eyes

settled on her lips... something happened. he kept her in captivity, she

pleaded to be set free, when she said what he couldn't bear to hear, he

snapped her dori... the pearls scattered, she looked back shocked, he glared

at her in raging fury. and strangely enough a string was tied forever...

on it was threaded hamesha.

khushi kumari gupta and arnav singh raizada met, fought, raved, ranted,

hated, faraq nahin padta they averred, they played, hugged, kissed, loved, 

loved so much that your saansey ceased, your dhadkan wanted to be one 

with someone's, nafrat couldn't take it and turned into mohabbat, and in

the meantime, there was catching and falling, gusts of wind with esoteric

knowledge, rabba vey which somehow never missed a cue, there was of

course villainy and hairan pareshaan, the labyrinth kept growing and

inviting us in... we never thought we should leave, nor did we leave a trail

of bread crumbs to show the light when we wanted to go back out... no, none of that... this was no fairy tale, this was the real sapnon ki duniya, our skd where we shivered and swooned to teri meri prem kahani and sighed at a kiss or almost kiss... we believed, yes we had vishwas the stars would show the way when we wanted to leave... that second last one from the left which shines the brightest maybe? but we are in no rush


hi, thanks for visiting. iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? has 398 episodes and many many untold stories of khushi kumari gupta and asr. i write episode takes and fanfiction among other things. there are vms here as well. you'll find all the episode takes under "episode rambles", under "iss pyaar ko chapters" in the sidebar, you'll find the episodes divided into sections, making it easier to find what you're looking for. "seat belt!" has all sorts of pondering and mutterings and edits and vms. do look around and i hope you have a splendid time roaming about among all the crazy mad pyaar and nafrat.

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  1. Had a pang looking at this page indi... true.. most astounding things are never really planned.. they arrive as this most unexpected guests..
    great edit in the background..and "how dare" it gets parked permanently "here"...apt shot up in the top..nice to see all your work in one place..Congratulations indi.

    1. hi indu, thanks so much for dropping by and that comment. blog feels alive. am just going to park all my ipk longings here, felt like bringing it togeher.

  2. Thanks In di so much of vibrant ipk and smitten you makes my day