Sunday, 4 June 2017

oh what acting that diwali

i am waning a bit every day, minus that acting.

just saw 111, all because my friend is on an orange white man chase... of course it was the wrong episode. but there's that little scene there. where he is feeling things after almost kissing ("almost kiss" can make its way to the oed or something now i think), he grabs his phone, then he looks for an escape, from her, from his feelings, what else who knows... he turns around, ever so slowly, and finally makes eye contact... though his eyes stray away... she keeps asking him, he watches her, all sorts of feelings in his eyes, then lunges forward grabbing her shoulders as if to shut everything up...everything is too much for him..., then again a wave of emotions assail him... his fingers let go, he steps away...

i can go on.

every bit hits me inside. he is the guy who has left her without any explanations, after being drawn to her and seeking her all evening. he is the one refusing to give any explanations now and being rigid and distant, and snarly... she is the young virginal one, he the guy who is worldly and has a live in gf at the moment... to whom he will get engaged an instant later...

yet my old cynical jaded heart is feeling bad bad bad for him.

what can one call this level of acting.

yes, direction and editing in these scenes were extraordinary... but those expressions were his, that timing, and the emotions he allows to seep into the frame.

what amazes me also, is that in our times of smart everything, lots of one liners and this trendy cool lovin', when it is almost unfashionable to show too much feeling, he expresses so minutely, deeply, and with shades and tones and yet remains utterly cool. asr is hot, even when he weeps... nothing makes him thobby, embarrassing, filmi...

i often feel there's a hollywood matinee idol in him and a hindi films sixties'/seventies' actor and something from right here right now... i wonder if even he knows what he exudes, how he talks to the camera.

this is a rare rare actor... i've never ever done this for anyone, not even my favourite mr ford or shash kaps or jeremy ji...

but this guy is something else.

now a lot of people will disagree with me i am sure... no problem. each to her own. this is what i think, i feel, and i want to share here. if you'd like to talk about a scene that particularly touched you or drives you crazy even now... please do.

i spoke about barun and his acting, but if you'd like to share something about sanaya or any of the other actors, please do so.

would like to stick to thoughts on acting here, that's all.

and happy, chilled out discussions, no fightings shightings, pillheej.

i haven't edited the shots at all... they make their point as they are. and on repeated viewing.

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