Friday, 27 May 2016

episode 380 the tycoon's gift

there was something in 380 that i really really liked. even though barun looked not too slick, a little tired, maybe even scruffy. but when asr drew aside his wife and gave her his karwa chauth gift, i was puddle. and i was so damn proud of this character called asr.

not a priceless diamond, not a fabulous saree, not mounds of gold, the usual gifts for women, the tycoon gave his jalebi bai something that will make her independent... he gave her her own company. registered and set up, i bet he added a handsome capital too.

kkgsr catering service, it was hers now, to do as she pleased.

"tumhari... dabba company ab ek legitimate business hai!" when she gawked at the papers, he said, your dabba company is now a legitimate  business.

and even if this bend in the story came because they planned to kill him off, it was rich and beautiful... and only one hero on tv could have thought of it. asr always had this cool acceptance of women as equals... i don't think the gender bias ever dared to go anywhere near him, knowing he was too sharp and sahi to get taken in by it. and his ego was too settled and in place to need a weaker gender to satisfy his sense of superiority. mera naam hai arnav singh raizada, oh yes, he had a major sense of self... sometimes perhaps even bordering on arrogance, but it came off his own sense of achievement... not by putting an entire gender in a somewhat lower bracket.

this man is and will always be special to me.

he wanted khushi to be all of herself, be independent financially, even though she was married to a man who could afford to keep her and more. what he valued for himself, he perhaps wanted even for her. how many men in our world are this confident, this caring, this abs adorable.

yeah, sallow skin, not too well trimmed stubble, baggy shalwar kurta and all, i wanted to give him a hug. asr, the time for a hero like you is so so come.

how tenderly he looked at her, and tried to explain why he had done what he had. before this he'd been equally loving when he tried to get her to come to a restaurant with him and eat whatever she liked. he really was not happy with her fasting, he wanted to do something nice for her... of course, he wouldn't fast. ha, i like this crisp, neat man. and his mind.

but back to those killer lines.

"actually, khushi, usse tum financially independent bhi ho jaogi... paison ke liye kissi pe dependent rehne ki zaroorat nahin hai... i mean... you never know... kal ko agar main na rahoon-" slap.

actually, khushi, that way you'll become financially independent... you won't need to anybody for money... i mean... you never know...

she looked apprehensive.

if i am not there tomorrow.

she gave him a sharp little slap and made him shut up. pity it was a double who got to administer the rap.

she had gone teary eyed with love and all his loving, almost forgotten the menace of the fasting sheetal ji, but now she had to tick him off. really, how could she not.

she didn't want to hear his "bakwas"... his nonsense.

but he was only being "practical"... why must she slap him for that.

i guffawed.

marriage coming along nicely mr and mrs.


the episode otherwise concentrated on building khushi's angst. and that sheetal flinging dupatta to create a screen and see asr's face through it was creepy really. i don't blame khushi for sensing terrible things.

by the end of the twenty minutes, we came to that inevitable moment. a report she had sworn never to see, she did see. and it confirmed her worst fears.

khushi read two important documents today. both ultimately spoke of her losing her arnav ji. sad. would have been interesting had story been told well.

have to say before i go...
sorry, asr doesn't lose chess games to five year olds. aarav is five... really? and must people keep repeating he looks juuust like asr?
if nephew had me feeling inordinately happy, his mami made me chuckle and think, only mano. kc fast was opened with a look at her husband's face on the phonewa, through the sieve mind you.

"hello hi bye bye, arre moonwa aaya ki naahin??"
hello hi bye bye, has the moon appeared or not?


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