Friday, 27 May 2016

episodes 381/382 uss ahsaas, yes that feeling

it was hard to watch these episodes. nothing seemed to fall into place, nothing belonged. it was as if a story without anyone really owning it, giving it name and place, had been born and was being thrust upon us.

i felt ipk was going further and further away. there was a distinct lack of uss ahsaas, that feeling that says it's ipk... far or near, it's ipk. to go straight to the end of 382 from where this notion of far or near and a feeling that stays come, how soaked in soppiness was that last scene between asr and khushi... would asr ever write such letters? say such things? and why must he change and become someone else? is love supposed to do that? i like his version more, where he can love whom he loves the way they are, without expecting or asking them to change. the scene was pretty though... wish it had something cataclysmically ipk in it.

right through the two episodes, there was flurry of activity. khushi stormed into sheetal's room and demanded she admit she kept the kc fast for her arnav ji... yeah, humare arnav ji, is how she referred to him. the story got about setting up a situation where she will just give up her arnav ji and get ready to walk away.


sheetal accepted that aarav was asr's son. she had come looking for asr but after seeing him married and realising she was a very small part of his past, she had decided to leave... she seeded the idea of asr wanting aarav, then said she couldn't live without her son... it all led to her suggesting a separation between asr and khsuhi. she planted the thought. khushi stood quietly and was so bereft on aarav's behalf, it didn't occur to her to ask sheetal to shut up.

there was an attempt to bring in shyam like wheedling and insinuating to sheetal, show her turning things around in vicious ways to her advantage. but neither the story nor the actress could pull it off.

i remembered how fantastically sanaya had portrayed her emotions the day she found out shyam was anjali's duniya ke sabse achhe pati.

here she has just read a dna report that says aarav is her husband's son. a husband without whom she can't live... somehow sanaya failed to connect with the emotion. i feel sorry for sanaya really... it is a suddenly pulled out of nowhere, ridiculous sub plot... actors will find it extremely hard to relate to and portray it with depth.

shyam's revelation was always part of the programme. aarav and sheetal have suddenly landed up here. how to deal with it.

the dialogues and family situations were repetitive.

to present khushi as a flawless girl who only thinks of others, there were too many scenes where she kept on speaking of aarav's father, or the absence of the gentleman and then insisted that asr had to be like aarav's father... she even said to him that he of all people should understand.

i am sorry, however wonderful and selfless a person one may be, one doesn't really behave like that when faced with a situation like this. suddenly all khushi can think of is aarav... no one else.


okay let me run away and gaze at the drummer for a while, just to make myself feel better. 

but we all know asr does not play the drums. he is not a reinvention by sheetal. he is dour, angry, aching and irresistible exactly as he is.

i have a feeling these are the first episodes that veer away from the original plan, whatever they may be. there was a rush to establish in just two episodes that khushi was in a state and her only way of dealing with things would be to leave asr...

i wonder why that was so essential.

sheetal kept on building the pressure and khushi succumbed without even thinking things over or resisting.


when i saw the candles as she walked into the room, i almost groaned. soap after soap we see such sights, lazy creatives somehow deciding this is the height of romance, a million candles flickering and intense lover talk with it, sometimes even consummation... how cliched.

would asr ever do such a thing? and that too for no apparent reason? what brought on the candle lighting spree?

and what happened to his terrible handwriting?

it's the 6th of november... in just 24 days ipk will go really far away... leaving us with a tight ache in the heart, that comes back every now and then. arnav ji... is that thing called pyaar?

random fangirl edits

why should a man opening his wardrobe, that too with his back turned to the audience, look so good, so full of story... i have no idea but the edits i had to make.

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