Friday, 27 May 2016

episodes 384/385 lost and found

while story lost its way in the shenanigans of trp, channel and ph politics, and the tussle over will asr live or die, etc., something, or rather someone was found, even if not heard or seen.

mama ji.

now we know he is in the us of a. and there he has been all along leaving his english speaking teeptaap bootiphool wife, mother in law of khoon bhari taang right here in shantivan to fend for herself alone, armed only with her makeuppiya, banarsis sarees, jewelllery, and fine english. my poor only hello hij, no bye byej.

she will stay put here, while her akas bitwa will go off to amreeka with his wife to take care of this mysterious new project which has come through, inception to contract done in exactly or less than two episodes.

i am aware ar is a powerful conglomerate with the most gorgeous tycoon on the planet as its chief. but to get work done at this speed!!! impressed.

sigh... what nonsense we have to put up with just because supposedly responsible and thinking adults, sorry professionals, decide to play passing the parcel with their product.

passing the dud track, rather.

ever since dadi, this game has been played in earnest. when post shyam there was a gap, quickly an asr's illegitimate son track was introduced via sheetal.

no one thought nothing through.

everyone decided, audience will take whatever is dished out to them. and no need to bother with pakoda, jalebi, karela, aloo ke parathe, achaar, chaat, lassi, black coffee, adrak wali chai... some half baked ideas will do.


and so it is that in 384, the boy who had no idea even in 378 who his father was and had run off to a restaurant to find him, that same boy says he knew all along asr is his father.


i can understand they had to change the story... but did they have to be this lazy? and disrespect the viewer this much?

while the scene between asr and aarav had something touching about it, it really failed to connect because it just didn't make any sense. plus it was clearly put their to build the foundation (a very weak one) for the impending adoption. also to tell asr that there's something very black in the daal... orphanage? aha!

and so it was with both the episodes. more and more strange stuff.

suddenly akash and payal must leave for the us. thirteen more episodes left for the show to end... i wonder, what was the rush. yes, both deepali and akshay were fed up and wanted to leave, but surely they could have found a better way to let them go. why these implausible plonking in of things?

thankfully, it was time to let sheetal go. gave me great joy to know i won't see this shifty character again. yet from set up to denouement scene nothing felt natural.

first the little boy brought up an orphanage, then asr planned this elaborate hercule poirot style revelation scene. is that even his way? and even if it is, why would he do it at the entrance to his home? and during a send off party that he has proposed for akash and payal?

and just in case four lions and its writers and the channel didn't know, you can't suddenly adopt a child in india... it takes a long time, sometimes years. if you're a single parent, it's even more complicated.

you can't teach a kid of 5 (who is now magically 6, an old ipk malaise this flexi-age) basketball in less than two months, nor can you manipulate their sugar levels to induce diabetes.

you can't just keep back a child from an orphanage at your place with a temporary permit or whatever the lady from the orphanage promised.

if you switched asr's hair with aarav's, the dna report will say they were identical and therefore belonged to the same person. beside how did sheetal know of khushi's plan. she didn't. this match was supposed to be for real when the track said asr is indeed aarav's father. then track changed.

and most of all, devi maiyya's wish or not, you can't decide to adopt a kid just like that, standing in the hallway, post melodrama and very bad acting by chief baddie.

also, anjali may look more teary eyed than ever before, she may switch to english, she may speak of being proud of you... but this entire let's just adopt aarav, post knowing him for all of maybe two weeks or less thanks to a ridiculous situation... is just not okay. not endearing either. even if asr sounds totally cool saying they'll adopt.

but then since the idea was half baked to begin with, it had to end up soggy and not at all palatable, i guess.

nothing in the sheetal and aarav track adds up. plus it reeks of the shallow nonsensical minor tracks that other soaps come up with. both dadi and sheetal must have got lost in kumbh ka mela and meandered into ipk by mistake. i wish they'd never been found.


~ what's this instant tears at the mere mention of going to america. a totally improbable scenario and scene, just because in two episodes everything had to be wrapped up...

~ during the poolside conversation, aarav said several things that asr has said earlier. i hate you. important. etc. this was the scene that had to quickly make asr want to take aarav's responsibility. poor guy, had to say, "
tumhe kahin jaane ki zaroorat nahin hai," you don't have to go anywhere to aarav. and we know once asr makes a promise he is even more adamant than salman khan in making sure it's kept. how much more obvious must ipk get. the serial which showed an entire romance take root and grow, without ever saying anything about love.~ noticed a sad sad piece of music never heard over those "emotional" scenes.

~ overnight, sheetal became total baddie, rushing to corners taking calls, snarling, being uncaring... maybe she was channeling her inner shyam. the change of demeanour was funny. such a rush to get to the end in just two episodes.

~ "hey devi maiyya, laad governor muskura rahein hain... aaj kaunsa bhukamp aane wala hai." hey dm, laad gov is smiling, wonder what earthquake will be upon us today. khushi had to be comical suddenly... so called sanka this... but really it wasn't.

~ main hoon na... did asr have to say that srk dialogue.

~ ek purane amir ex-boyfriend... ooo that sounded good. may i have one too... an old rich ex bf?

ps: sometimes a strange thought floats by. was aarav supposed to be that elusive dhruv's son? the cousin never seen only heard of just once, back in episode 10 or 11. were they moving toward killing off asr and then letting dhruv stride in, the bad 'un, the black sheep or whatever? so the show could go on with this new plot taking over after asr's demise? that would, among other things, somehow make sense of that trepidation on sheetal's face when she sees khushi about to open the dna test results before she tears it up. 

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