Wednesday, 31 August 2016

episode 52 chutney date

it's not easy being a serial writer. even if there's a whole team of you taking care of different things. to come up with a plot movement, plus dialogues, and the design of it all every single day, that's some task.
and then the lovers.

to device a meeting of the two, again and again, without getting into a rut. an absolute challenge. we're on the fifty second day of the serial. from day one these two have met. every day we see them coming upon each other in different ways, with all sorts of little nuances added, story grown, attraction taking hold. somewhere along the way, rabba vey has entered the scene, the breeze, even the awareness of each other. flashbacks have become a trusted technique to connect dots, "show" feelings. and they've moved from being perfect strangers from two different worlds who clash at first sight to this. where the thought of not being in each other's sight is causing palpable pain or complete misery and confusion, depending on whose side of the story you're watching.

we've just seen a plethora of flashbacks as asr looked at the locked door over 50 and 51. finally, khushi's confusion has cleared and she has taken dm's "ishara" to come back, not leave delhi.

jai davi maa mishtanna bhandar is coming up around some really cute scenes hinging on a bizarre business plan. of course, i've suspended all disbelief, since i'm really keen to see how the lovers will get together again. and of course, sanaya irani, abha parmar, deepali pansare are fine actors who can bring a loveliness to practically anything, the writers have gone all the way to cooky without holding back, yet somehow it's working, happy ji adding the cutest footnotes to the scenes.

just one conundrum, how should the two meet in this scenario? why, it's a sweet shop, they'll meet here, of course. and since the man is a diabetic, he can't partake of the sweets, but what's to stop him from getting some kachoris. with a slosh of chutney for good measure?

the most ingenious meeting of two love birds i think i've ever seen. writers deserve an applause, a standing ovation for that. it shall be theirs once i stop rolling on the floor laughing. the front page tycoon and the ticked off maithaiwali, met for a hot date...  here take some more chutney, you!!! said the smitten sweetheart. he looked implacable though and kept eye contact right through.

sanaya was utterly awfully madly nutty. and did you see how well barun acted?

this was my high point in the episode. enjoyed the rest of story telling. naturally, poor la bungled big time. poor mami said, "
hum toh samjhe the ki ekdam rajdhani express hai par ee toh nikli payssenger tirain," i'd thought it was an express train, turned out to be a real slow one. nani was too sharp for the super duo. the cinnamon added just the right flavour to malai kofta but completely spoiled the taste of the meal. the girl who would rather get the servants to cook and was willing to try, couldn't bear it all no more. she stormed off. her irate boy friend followed. but only after a flare of his famous temper, "nani, ab sach mein bahut ho gaya," nani, now that's really enough. face stony, eyes simmering, fire wanting to burst out of every pore.

and before i go, just one other thought. khushi and co's success at getting customers reminds me of mine when i attempted to sell lovely hand made things from india in a "muhalla" that was supposed to have plenty ready customers: my daughter's school fair. bua ji's desperation echoed mine, khushi's joy at making even one sale, certainly i've been there. and did you see the face of the first one the three ladies swooped down upon? was he the one who months later would try to attack khushi on a lonely road, and get her karate moves? her mithais or her chops, what's your choice?

now all is in the hands of the one and the only. and she did a mighty good job of showing the writers the way today. jai devi maiyya.



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