Thursday, 22 February 2018

something wild, elemental

if he never did another intense role again, never felt deep moving love and hate on screen, i'd be pretty sad. was watching wild strawberries on my computer last night, thought of him, even though the protagonist is a man of 78. perhaps the intensity, the level of emotion had something akin. while studying english we learnt about the domestic tragedies of the early twentieth century, the pared down everyday characters and their lives, the heroes minus the larger than life graph of shakespeare and marlowe, the greeks and others. how they bored me, gosh those galsworthy classes. in hindi cinema today, there is this curbing of character, this exploration of something considered cool... actually something that is inherently neither moving nor exciting... i so hope he is not totally taken in and over by this trend... he plays the big and uncontrollable in us so beautifully. and with her, now what to say.

wrote this on 19 october 2016



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