Sunday, 25 February 2018

vm index

when i came to the forum, i had no idea what "vm" meant. i also couldn't download or edit. then came the echoes of asr and kkg in the mind, the desire to hold onto them a little bit longer, maybe find another way of delineating them, that romance, that nafrat and pyaar... soon i was making vms. 

initially, had uploaded all the vms on youtube. but star plus went on a rampage across soc med, claiming fan creations were copyright infringement. how, no one knows. we don't use these to make money. in fact, if anything, these simple tributes and sighs by fans happily give free advertising to a show we love. they are, to me, the equivalent of us humming a favourite song, adding a little something in it of our own, sometimes even a bit off tune, but always charming, always from the heart, always innocent of commerce and greed. i asked a professor of intellectual property rights at oxford univ if he believed this was infringement. a categoric "no" was his reply.

i have posted most of the vms here. some still to come up.

if you see the same vm repeated, it's in different posts, with other thoughts/gifs/edits, etc.

i hope you enjoy the vms.

|   chhoonley pyaar se touch me with your love (with episode 267)   |

|   tenderly (with episode 286/7/8)   |

|   tenderly (with thoughts on the elements)   |

|   hello love : a vm   |

|   the proposal : a vm   |

|   a man and his crazy girl (with episode 89)   |


|   your junoon your karaar... a vm   |

|   this is ishq dammit (with episode 343)   |

|   moonshine : a vm   |

|   a biwi too far (with episode 303)   |


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