Monday, 2 January 2017

love beyond ritual... episode 348

suddenly in the middle of a lot of colour and custom and ritual, a beautiful thing happened. love spoke... once more. it said quietly to a girl torn between tradition and beliefs deep seated and an overwhelming love that so wanted to be expressed, that it was alright... it was okay. she could listen to her heart and go with what it said. the girl who never had a problem with hearing her heart's words grew immensely as she heard its deepest whispers, without fearing a thing. hum samajhte hain, she murmured, hume bharosa hai... aap pe... aapke pyaar par. with that she brought down the barrier she had felt she had to create one night. and so, on this night before she married arnav singh raizada with all the rituals and customs as she seemed to have wished for, before those pheres for which she completely, and i feel unjustly, rejected his love, his desire, his heart one evening, she allowed him to make love to her... and didn't hold back. she understood a relationship beyond its physical markings. i hope she understood, she had been married all along. the man who loved her would never denigrate her as a woman... if he had to, he had enough opportunities, not one was taken. ipk has given us many firsts, it has treated us with respect more often than not. i felt respected as a viewer when it took an adult view of sex and its place in the deepest relationship we enter, that between a man and a woman who love, ritual or no ritual. i am always amazed at the startling turns to honesty, great sense, absolute art and beauty ipk takes all the time. exhilarating. looking forward to episode 348. oh and that dance  and that chudail hunt, classic.

(wrote this on the main post of bftp thread #29.)

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