Sunday, 1 January 2017

the need for chaos

asr had no idea how much she mattered to him. he was not the sort of man who had told himself tales of meeting a girl and falling in love with her for all eternity, all his life. just the opposite, in fact... and so when it happened, he couldn't even begin to fathom what was really happening. by the time he did, and was ready to tell her, everything exploded. he'd not even begun to feel the depth of his emotions, just touched them, gotten introduced.

perhaps watching her suffer, be unfairly treated, in tears, all of it had its place in this love story... they took him to the real depth and colossal nature of his emotions. they led to the battle unto death between his dil and dimaag, his heart and mind. they made the man of dimaag accept the triumph of his dil... the truth of pyaar sabse bada hota hai.

he thought he felt nothing but nafrat, yet his dil completely opposed his posturing, and he said as much later: his heart refused to listen to him. perhaps these are the times in which he will know exactly how indestructible, essential, and undeniable his feelings for her are. how he really can't live without her... and then finally let go of all doubt, anger, chhap gaya hai dimaag mein mit nahin sakta without needing or asking for any proof. 

this wild situation, bizarre and chaotic, utterly unfair to the one most loved, maybe it actually made the story of love truly powerful.

maybe it had to happen, there had to be some terrible situation for him to realise. and her too... to accept, no matter what, no matter how much he hurt her, how much the nafrat grew, something in it wanted to live, had to live... she loved him, she felt his pain, even if he had done all that he had, and yes, he had been brutal... she still loved him. 

sensitive writing and tremendous understanding of moment and meaning by barun and sanaya, direction looking at an emotion with a steady unflinching gaze, rarely found anywhere, certainly not in a tv serial, and always that element of sound, an editor most keen, adding dimension, not just slapping on background score or effects routinely.

just look at him, terribly perturbed and hurt on her behalf. but he hates her, right? beautiful.



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