Sunday, 7 January 2018

flashback 34

this business of he's thinking of her, she of him, with those carefully selected and edited flashbacks, not a unique device... most hindi soaps use it... but these guys just got it so right. on a rewatch too they're beautiful. there was some sort of a vibe between the two actors, it rides every frame i feel, making them say many things, things below the surface, things a khushi and an asr tell each other, feel, share, get thrust into, can't run away from, want desperately... there are so many emotions in there. what say. just with a key and a couple of beads, again nothing new, such a hauntingly crafted moment. each memory carefully chosen, and their expressions as if tied to each other, in a taut dance move or something. she remembers call him and him turning, cold eyes. she remembers too he was nasty as hell but she wants to meet him one more time, he keeps thinking of that moment when he'd behaved terribly, lost control, and the eyes of a girl turning slowly around.

episode 34 i am not ok