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epiosde 152 pyaar and its jashan

"khushi, stop it." what's that in his eyes again, though he is mad at her? and she so upset? almost on the verge of a tantrum... not really like her, i thought. a public display of ire, right in front of nk.

they are suddenly free. no commitment to another person, not engaged. free. free to perhaps admit to a heart ache, a faraq? free to say, ye mujhe kya ho raha hai? what's happening to me? or, humne ek ishara manga tha, devi maiyya, aur aapne itne saare de diye? i'd asked for one sign, dm, and you gave me so many?

that sudden lifting of restrictions, is that very thing the problem? too abrupt and unexpected maybe, leaving both feeling utterly defenceless? some instinct recognising this can get tricky. their defence mechanism completely charged, rushing forward to protect those vulnerable hearts... who knows.

he is being constantly nasty to her, right from who's invited you to the party... and she? i thought she really overstepped the mark, taking over and ruining his plans, imposing her ideas... again, a little hard, almost unthinking, not very khushi.

episode opens on a dark tense note... yet close and intimate. he has just hurt her, been as cutting as possible. but she is not allowed to leave alone at night. that same asr of diwali at one level.

a strange blown look in his eyes as he gazes after her. and a very unlike khushi anger and hurt in her voice. a conversation between them without words, tense communication. almost lover like, though neither is aware of it.

khushi stalks off alone.

"nannav, what happened?" straight forward nk talk.

asr looked ready to explode... this time nk went rushing to take khushi home. had he not, i am sure a furious man would have yanked her into his suv and deposited her in front of bua ji's home with enough and more heartless words as his parting gift. man is a creature of habit and the girl knows many of them by now...

as he has just told us, "main aisa hi hoon" he says terrible things and then when he realises he feels really bad.

at home, nani sits in her bedroom, her den as it were... it's a fairly quirky space come to think of it, that work table of hers with all sorts of things on it. today two pickle jars very prominent, i wonder why. lakshmi sits on her lap getting petted... i wonder if goats are managed easily, jayashree t must have had an interesting time getting to know lakshmi. there was a curiously genuine tenderness she expressed toward her pet, never felt false or forced or funny... it might have, but you sensed nani truly loved and respected her four legged lakshmi. four arms, four legs, what difference, lakshmi is lakshmi.

nani and anjali speak of the party.. then khushi's broken engagement. a conversation is overheard by a passing young man.

"nani, khushi ji ka rishta toot gaya!" anjali sounds completely frazzled, almost close to tears. she hates discord in relationships and a breaking of alliance sets up all sorts of feelings in her, possibly because of her own experiences... i liked the way character was held onto and dialogue went beyond just taking story forward.  

he has just snapped at her about her broken engagement.

khushi has not let her sadness come in the way of other's happiness, says nani. la had done the same i think, another most interesting character, that no one could relegate to airhead gold digger.

"khushi bitiya apan umar ki ladkiyon se kayi zyada samajhdar hai..." khushi is much wiser than girls of her age, nani is most touched by her gesture.

though i am aware of what is being done here, it's to get asr feeling like a heel, wanting to apologise, maybe even touch his real feelings for her for an instant... nani's acting always convinced me... she made me feel all this was happening, real... not just screenplay and script.

"hum umeed karat hai khushi bitiya ka dukh ab kuch kam howat hai," i hope khushi's sadness is now abating. of course, he instantly recalls her tear streaked face and knows who caused that.

a guy staring at a closed door with a restless look, a deep frown deepening, a feeling rising... pace pace. no words, not much variation in action, and again barun sobti tells a whole love story in a few moments, with refined expressions and powerful body language

on the other side, the crying girl pauses for a moment on the verandah, she has processed her thoughts, that streak of doing for others has kicked in. she has decided "koi kuch bhi kahe, hum kissike baat ko dil pe nahin lenge..." she won't let anyone's words burden her heart. that valiant upbeat khushi thing was always good to see... the attitude of this girl made her truly lovely.

here the "kissike baat" man is pacing dammit though, not quite aware how much "dil pe" he takes everything. she was upset, she left with nk, it's been a while, nk isn't back. is she okay? is she still upset? where is she? you can feel him going slightly crazy with that worry.

"yeh hui na baat..." exclaims her friend named after the lord... and we are told the choreographer is to come the next morning.

but before that, a nice unchoreographed move with gritted teeth, and whispered angry, "where the hell have you been, nk!"

and then at nk's smitten look and talk of "apni tarikh", the incensed asr. kya hua!... nk exclaims. really, he needs that defence of his.

"answer the goddamn phone next time, right!"

nk is totally mystified by this behaviour.

with morning, came a brighter lighter mood. nani was sure manorama had run away because she is scared of the choreographer.

the girls arrived, nk assured them the choreographer had passed away when what he meant was, everything is organised. 

and there was a meeting at the doorway... there are always these meetings at entrances, and they take us further and further into love. asr had a remorseful air about him, a little vulnerable he looked, khushi was taken aback, but then when he said, maybe, shayad... he shouldn't have said what he did, her hackles rose instantly.


she glared at him and stalked off.

leaving him standing there... alone.

uh huh. not good. asr does not like that at all. does khushi know this? of course, she does. is she playing a game? no... she is very angry with him... and she has the right to show it. her huq. with the whole world khushi is accommodating, thinking of their happiness first. only with this man.

is this a sign of something?

the very strict dance teacher arrives. madhushala... tala... bala ji. madhu. honey. named after one of the most beautiful cine stars ever, with her extra long false eyelashes and super short fuse, she is a quickly and pretty deftly sketched character. i liked the writer's insight about that shaky insecurity of people in this line of business where one minute you're king, next pauper.

"koi toh hai jo yahan gum hai..."

someone is missing, she said, though all were there, including the coyly smiling couple to be married.

clap of hands and "lo aa gaya!" like magic asr appeared, of course glued to his phone... then that cute nod, distant but not disrespectful, at her. he had requested di not to call the lady, but di wanted the best for her cousin's wedding.

what came after that was possibly a little prank by the writers. the entire sangeet sequence... teri meri... was hinted at. somebody was missing, then someone appeared like magic, now what does that remind me of...

"jis adaa se aap ne apna sir hilaya. wahi adaa zara naach ke maidan mein toh dikhaiya," the style with which you nodded, show us that in the dance arena, urged madhubala ji. oh, so she had noticed the nod, the "adaa".

classic kkg reaction at that, eyes rounded. asr, laad governor... dancing!!!

and the look exchanged between nani and anjali, really a feeling of family begins to grow and makes one want to giggle. even though he is the handsomest tycoon and angry at that.

aap ko pata hai main dance nahin karoonga... you know i won't dance, he says.

she will make him dance this time she replies.

long cool asr look.

she avers the main couple will come and "pyaar ka jashan poora manayga" will celebrate love completely.

yeah at the sangeet, there was pyaar ka jashan poora manana... only the couple wasn't the one shyly holding hands here.

even as asr cracked up at the melodrama, the hints came fast and filmi, there will be song, there may be rain, may be fire... and one part of this can be the bride's sis, the other the groom's brother.

"hai na kahani ka the end?" isn't that the end of the story... or maybe the beginning... 

both asr and khushi are shocked. he refuses to dance with her, a pugnacious won't dance with her he shoots off. she is irritated. he thrusts nk forward as the "replacement". i wonder if they were already considering a scenario where nk would be be the replacement bridegroom.

he hadn't bargained for one thing though.

put your hand on her waist... madhu called out to nk.

"sorted" he'd muttered as he'd turned and left thinking everything was under control, his of course...

but the ears heard, the head had to begin to turn.

he hadn't thought it through, had he? another man would touch her... intimately... if she were to dance with him.

interestingly both at the top of episode and at the bottom, he moved toward khushi even though he was raging and seething, almost as if he had no choice, he was compelled to move in her direction. her power over him had grown and he felt a possessiveness toward her which even he wasn't fully aware of yet.

he turned and looked at her, again a million unsaid things in his eyes. he didn't see her discomfort at having a man come that close to her. 

a few beautiful telling moments in an episode getting into the story of a wedding. makers are concentrating on trp spike. a lot of cheesy fun coming our way.

in stark contrast to that, a real man and woman and their attraction. a man feeling the pull of this unclear but undeniable emotion. a girl not being able to hold onto her equanimity... pyaar has its own jashan, sometimes visible in a simple pacing or a pausing before the door.



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