Friday, 2 December 2016

episode 153 play it again, nk

in which bua ji met nand kissore. the lady who had hollered the opening words of ipk and invoked the creator of all games, especially that of love... the young son of nand, she finally had a wonderful high impact meeting with the lord of her mind, over the phone, or rather, phonewa. perplexed was the mighty lady by the choice of "darshan" ground by the lord, though unable to contain her elation... he had met her mother on the terrace, but now he also appeared on the phone it seemed. ah well, such is the leela of nand kishore.

i heard about that meeting on the terrace and my mind flew to the terrace where a terrible illusion had gripped a man's imagination, got imprinted on his mind. were the writers already dragging our attention to the "chhat"? telling us there was more to happen there, not just the revelation of a man named after krishna.

krishna again everywhere and in this episode, the new entrant named after him is called by two other names and mistaken for the real deal too. i wondered if i was trapped in illusion imagining this connection. but could all those allusions to nand kishore be just coincidence? the driver, the washerman, the young new friend of the heroine, the villain, the uncle (as in mama ji), the servant (hari prakash or light of krishna), i am sure there were more, and of course, the call of the ultimate gopika, bua ji... all were named after the one with 108 names, our krishna. the writer might have done it in jest, or to layer the tale... either way, worked for me.

to be honest, the episode felt very mid weekish, a bit dull and as if midway to something. i was particularly flummoxed by the desultory almost dismal choice of music for the dance practice. it droned and it kept our emotions and involvement at its own bland level. everyone held hands with partners and danced away while madhu ji, who is supposed to be very strict, beamed.

of course when the teacher told "cartoon" (today krishna would get two, no three, more names) to look into his partner's eyes, there was further fury on a face that had turned at talk of nk putting his hand on kkg's kamar/waist. now at all the talk of look at her with emotion, with "pyaar", he can't take it any more, he leaves. khushi turns her head, intensely aware of the man at the back.

during the break, akash and payal continued to sway away even without music. everyone noticed it and made silly jokes, so very typical wedding that. their "kaamistry" was mentioned, again it felt like a little joke from writers,  a replacement as it were, since viewers and forum were always on about asr khushi, barun sanaya chemistry. 

shyam played a pointless red carnations game, an elaborate idea, alas khushi was not impressed.

at gupta house, bua ji pulled out a lehenga with a very large waist and lamented the days when she in that would make her husband swoon "behonsh".

"aisa lagat hai, garima, jaise kauno aur janam ki baat howe... ab toh koi poochta hi nahi hai..." seems, garima, that was another life, no one asks after me any more. i felt bad for bua ji. inside that not too small nor too young woman lurked a romantic heart and a desire to be touched by love again maybe? and why not? she was lonely, widowed, childless, alone in a huge city and by nature slightly flaky and dramatic, surely she had a right to her romantic yearnings if any...

she decided khushi should wear the shadi ka joda for payal's wedding. another hint in bua ji's mouth about what's to come on the night of that wedding.

soon after that, still quite touched by the talk of her salad days, the definitely not salad eating bua ji called her niece.

nk picked up the phone and said, "hello!"

"hai re nand kissore!" called out bua ji.

and the roller coaster ride of mistaken identities got going...

wonderfully written dialogues, funny, witty, strangely poignant at times...
bua ji and nk had their first chat. writers took this relationship to a loopy rib tickling place over time, there was something tender amid the raucous about the whole imbroglio... nk believing bua ji was after him, and bua ji with her kind, garrulous auntyish love for the sweet babua.

"hum hai nand kissore!" i am nand kishore.

bua ji went into a trance practically.

"nand kissore! humre nand kissore..." nand kishore, oh my nand kishore. how a relationship starts who knows.

karan goddwani and abha parmar were absolutely fabulous and suddenly music was on cue. lots of shankh and bansoori, conch and flute.

when khushi broke her illusion, the lady was irritated and told her to take back the five rupees she'd asked to be offered. the sense of play ran freely through the episode.

kkg was getting everyone on the floor and ran right up to asr beaming. he made a nasty face, mockingly said, "kitni baar bolna padega ki tumhare saath dance nahin karna hai..." how many times do i have to say, i won't dance with you.

she said, same here.

he waved her away with a go dance with nk, he's my replacement.

madam was mad at him. sanka rose.

"chhotey!" she yelled and started a whole game of love, giving krishna name number 110 and 111: chhotey, arnav ji. after all sakshat nand kishore was the "replacement" of the only laad governor.

asr watched angrily as she bestowed smiles on nk and said things to provoke the one who can't be replaced. and again i thought, was nk supposed to be the replacement bridegroom and did channel force the wedding of asr kkg, because nk did disappear soon after that as though his work was done, part over.

"bala, yeh ladki nahin, pataka hai pataka," bala, this ain't no girl, this be fire cracker, said madhubala ji.

bala... balaji, an incarnation of lord krishna.

and was "pataka" yet another hint hint wink wink?
"arnav ji! aap ko koi kaam theek se nahin aata kya!" arnav ji, khushi called sternly to nk, you can't do anything properly.

"hume toh lagta hai iss naam ke log koi bhi kaam theek se nahin kar sakte hain..." i feel people of this name, can't do anything properly, she provoked. asr always had a thing about his name...

"na naach sakte hain na ga sakte hain na hasaan..." they can't dance, they can't sing, they can't make people laugh...

he walked furiously right into them as she almost fell while twirling, but he held her firm, making sure she didn't collapse. it was all a bit contrived, but that "kaamistry" did its thing. hey hey... rabba vey trilled in, all felt right with the world.

little eye movements. how brown are those eyes. a hand gripped a shoulder as we have seen before, her face held a bemused look. no one can replace this man, nor this woman... hai re nand kissore.



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