Monday, 13 March 2017

be my ranjha be my heer

look at me
don't you know me or am i
for eternity your stranger
though across
the myriad skies
through vast unending universes
as time bends
and space complies
i walk toward you

in me through me beyond me and beyond
i walk toward you
won't you look at me?

it is i
i who am lost
i who must find
i who am found
when you look at me

far away in the worlds expanding
where reality meets a million other realities
there you and i only you and i
we are
for eternity
come near me here
look at me, won't you now?

and she asked him:
tumse jab jo bura kaha usska koi matlab nahin
tumhare saath jab jo bura kiya usska koi matlab nahin
iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahin
sirf ek cheez ka matlab hai
main hamesha... hamesha... tumse.

tumse kya?!

if  i've said terrible things to you, 
they don't mean a thing.
when i've done terrible things to you,
they don't mean a thing.
in this love, right and wrong have no meaning.
if anything has meaning,
it's only that i shall always... always... with you.

with you what?

if you need to go right now and see this scene, it's episode 222 you seek. cheers. 


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