Sunday, 26 March 2017

la and asr

i liked what and how he felt for lavanya. there was no disrespect in it, none. and you see that very thing so often, when it comes to an independent girl who takes decisions about her own life, earnings, sexuality herself. in fact, if anything, he respected lavanya. found something in her that was like him.
having seen all he had and that fractious broken relationship of his parents, having felt the ache of losing his mother which he just couldn't deal with, he had gone into a shell, backed away from romantic notions of love, even marriage. yet he was adult and intelligent enough to know, he would want a relationship, just that he wasn't looking for one that took over his life. one where there was affection and desire and yes, respect, but no expectation of a lifetime of love and commitment, such as marriage...
and that was what he felt he could have with lavanya.
he liked her, he valued her, but no, he didn't have that swamping emotion for her, one that took over your mind and inundated your heart. and got settled deep in all of you.
not being involved with her from those parts of us that spell love, he didn't pick on the fact that she had crossed the limits they had both perhaps set for their relationship, the boundaries... that she was crossing over to the side of... love.
one of the best scenes and most complex that i have ever seen must be the one where he rails at lavanya for her bride on the bed tactic, and when he says, yeah, he didn't care for her that's why he brought her to live with him, in his home.
and the other... that moment, where he realises, no matter how much he may value lavanya, how much he has done the right thing by her, how both of them had wanted the same thing, but at this moment what he is doing, how he is feeling about khushi, all that confused, extreme response to her... he is not really doing the right thing by lavanya.
the story of asr and la could have been written in a million different ways. i am so glad it was done the way it was. true to both their characters. it showed a beautiful flow of feelings in a girl who never really had planned for it and how it gradually made her understand things... grow up... find more of herself.
and it told me so many things about this dashing, handsome, clever, cool, deep, clean hearted, sahi, and vulnerable man.

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