Monday, 27 March 2017

that acting

the blog is a little messed up. pictures have disappeared. so i try and to fix it almost every day. which means i see the edits closely again as i find them, upload to imgur, add them back to the posts... every day i find myself stopping and staring at the shots. often not very good edits. and i wonder, did we really see this level of acting on tv? i can actually feel my heart do funny things, just looking at stills. remember this episode? a man walking away and creating his own space, standing there, recalling things, his whole body tense, arching. his thoughts concentrating and a sense of sahi and galat swamping all... and something else... something he doesn't understand, yet it holds him in its grip. he has just brought his girlfriend home, he has offered to show her his room, he has defended her right to be treated with courtesy and have her own way of looking at life no matter how different... and every now and then a girl who shouldn't matter slips into his mind, makes him think, feel, yearn... a rewind button is spoken of. something tells you he wished he had one. no words, just a young untrained actor before a camera on a frantic set in a hindi soap. no pampering. no star treatment. just a tv lead. he yanks me to moments i didn't even know an actor could... or anyone else for that matter. these scenes were well constructed and written, but minus that acting... 

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