Saturday, 18 March 2017

ipkknd ek jashn... the falling leaves

had to post this. a beautiful video of the song going through my mind... sunburnt kisses sunburnt hands red and gold since you went away...

 credit uploader... written by johnny mercer in 1947 based on the french original of 1945... les fuilles mortes, the dead leaves, by jacques prevert with music by hungarian french composer joseph kosma (the music was composed first for the ballet les rendezvous, the song was written later). here's a beautiful rendering of the french original by yves montand, credit for video to uploader.


my father was a great fan of nat king cole. suddenly occurred to me, he must have been a young man in his early twenties when he started listening to songs like these... the music of his youth. something absolutely thrilling in the image that conjures... and then it mixes with the leaves that fall, rich and beautiful, gone but never not touching the mind. 

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