Saturday, 18 March 2017

get out to the guesthouse 4

what's in these shots? i think there are about five in all or maybe six. when i see asr's eyes here and then her hair flying, that framing of hers, from slightly below, her eyes filled with an emotion which seems to have arisen from some deep place far away, after all the fear and churning of every emotion perhaps she's ever known. and him, just looking at her... just looking. what does he see there... as if he sees everything. then a moment as they are framed against the destruction, a stillness, an eternity in it. then he pulls her and they are running.

elemental, the word always goes through my mind when i see this scene. in a ramshackle set with possibly a couple of cameras and not the most sophisticated lighting or sound devices... barely any space, and yes, a fan blowing hair, how did they get this.


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