Saturday, 18 March 2017

episode 10 beautiful love

one of the most sensitive and poignant scenes of love i've ever seen. a crass, loud, yet strangely vulnerable woman and a stony, seemingly feelingless young man, between them that indescribable emotion which ties two human beings together.

why does arnav singh raizada feel this tenderness toward his comically overdressed, simpering mami? why does he want to buy her another set of expensive ornaments even though his grandmother has expressed her opposition too the very idea? he respects his nani, adores his di, doesn't seem to have tender emotions toward anything, maybe just his sister. he has just released embarrassing footage of an obviously powerless young woman to the media.

and then he goes and gets for his aunt something her heart desires. a side to this young man i never would have suspected. in fact, it's missing in most people i know.

i remember being completely struck by this gesture and the execution of this bit of story the first time i saw it. whatever she may be, bizarre, self centred, ridiculously covered in her gehne, asr loves his mami. perhaps she showed him a mother's love when that same mother took her own life and left him, and he can never be judgmental of her ever. he knows her for who she is, all her weaknesses, and we see that later, how well he can handle her, but love her he does. and so this lovely bit of indulgence.

asr won my heart with this gesture. unconditional, nonjudgmental love. a beautiful glimpse of it, insightful in writing.

episode 10 brings a new job to khushi and some really cute scenes of her and samosa, shyam leering on. but unfortunately couldn't find a single upload that's complete, all of them switch to the last bit of episode 9 half way through. no matter, one of my favourite scenes there. heart feels touched whenever i think of it. utkarsha naik was outstanding, so many emotions: the vulnerability of a lower class girl in her carefully manipulated upper class bahu life, the insecurity expressed through her pungent, biting words, her obsession with looking materially in her class, her funny tenderness toward her niece and nephew the moment they show her love in a visible manner. she is a delight.

and what can i say of barun. in just one look so much expressed. still looking into those eyes, they have seen, assessed, taken a decision, touched a love he keeps deep inside; and they seem lost in some memory. there's untold stuff in there in those eyes as i often found, always telling a bit more than what the writer had intended, going deeper than you'd expect. nice.

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