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episode 281 shyam and sherlock

we are nearing the end of barun's break and so it's a matter of time before it is okay to rescue him and get back to asr khushi as usual. when i watched these episodes the first time round, my restlessness was not as much as it is today. i had thought, given the amount of time and effort sanaya and abhaas brought to every episode, that a really juicy wonderful tale will be revealed soon, giving us an intriguing look into sheesh mahal and more.

that whole khushi using a weapon she knows she can use to the hilt... shyam's weakness for her, might have been really exciting.

she was desperate enough to do anything for her beloved.

she knew shyam had her man.

the focused, result oriented jalebi bai she is, not difficult to imagine her using the weakness of the enemy. i always remember how she went off to meet her brother in law to be in episode one and later all her shenanigans to "punish" asr, perhaps her way to deal with the bizarre and painful situation she finds herself in.

khushi doesn't sit at home pondering her helplessness, in that she shows me a very contemporary sensibility. in our world, girls are supposed to take a bit of a back seat in most scenarios, though i must say, our hindi films have time and again shown girls who go out there and get things done... sita aur gita particularly comes to mind, i loved the wild gita... broke with convention in many ways, forty two years ago.

the opening scene with the besotted shyam and the girl with a purpose was interesting to watch. i like that muddy sullied thick obsession that shyam is shown to have for khushi. again, had they stuck to this, would have been really interesting. his now threatening, now weak in the knees before you stance with khushi, very confusing. breaks the thread somehow.    

she puts a raksha dhaga on him, he says, "ab hum dono issme hamesha ke liye saath saath hain."

so hamesha is now being hijacked by the dark side.

soon after we see khushi with nk, fretting about this situation. she prays to m, nk plays the perfect sakha/friend and assures her dm understands and doesn't mind this fake intimacy. but my question, did we really need this? seemed to weaken the whole thing somehow. this constant need to show female lead as achhi as though none of us have the brains to figure it out...

plenty clear if you follow the show, this girl is doing everything for a man in a filthy vest and only because she is crazy about him.

while i have giggled madly at the pendant and pen drive story, must say, the writer i think knows how lame his ploy is, so lets nk say he has seen such a thing isn a movie... oh our filmi villain ji. there was suddenly this twisting and force fitting of shyam into some sort of movie baddie type... abhaas even claimed his writers had said he was as good as joker, i haven't seen the original batman so can't comment.

but must say, no sorry, shyam just did not make the cut. neither in his character design nor his performance.

and we come to the question of password. i must see how i feel about that this watch, the first time i think i wanted to throw up. this constant tailing of asr by his brother in law... there was a story here too... a story worth developing.

we go to a creepy ugh scene with shyam where he is all gentle and sweet and tender with khushi. completely unnecessary scene. but again he speaks of "sambhalna" another thing asr will say to her. writers are consciously doing this reflections thing, interesting from a writing point of view i feel.

asr's gift from "scotland" arrives. in a light mami ishtyle scene, the canny aunt asks a simple question, "eescaat land se aaya hai, par yeh kaisan ho sakat hai, i bunder how..."

it has come from scotland but how can that be, i wonder how.

utkarsha does a mad bad take on mami going nuts worrying for nephew and just can't take the game playing by kidnapper... after all, she is the numeroj unoj in gamewas. how darej kidnaypperj thinks they cans dooj theesh.

and a distance with khushi takes shape, as she refuses to divulge any information.

as far as story goes, i must say, to get the laad governor note across to shantivan, there had to have been slicker, smarter ways. here it looks as though shyam is nuts, because he is aware isn't he, that mami ji knows of the kidnap other than khushi of course. so what's the guarantee that the makeupiya touchupiya one will say nothing?

so cute, manorama can't isstaap investigatiyaing. how sherlock like she as she smells the perfume meant for her and says, "ye brand wa se hamar cheek awat hai... sneejes... aur ee baat hamaar arnav bitwa achhe se janat hai..." you can't fool mami... till the writer decides you can, that is.

poor mami, she wailed, "humka bahut yaad awat hai hamar bitwa ki..." i really miss my bitwa... was the writer referring to me, you, all of us... teehee, so desperately waiting for bitwa even though he is in banyan. isstap isneejing and ismell the batalwa, samjhi tum.


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