Friday, 29 January 2016

the proposal : a vm

how should a man propose to a woman? no idea really, but the way this man did it was absolutely thrilling.
unforgettable scene full of strains and whispers and murmur, of what has been, what might be, what takes shape this moment. here's a tumble through the tug and spin of asr and khushi. 

hope you enjoy. it's my third vm and i am really grateful to katelyn and the forum member who uploaded all the music, the songs, the background scores, everything.

thanks so much if you're planning to watch, hope these 4 odd minutes pass by happily.


the shadi karni hogi episodes
episode rambles

naturally, no copyright infringement is intended. this is a fan appreciation video and there's no commercial transaction involved. thanks to all at ipkknd and the original owners of the material.

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