Sunday, 24 January 2016

thoughts on completeing 300 episodes on blast from the past


when we started out, we knew it was going to be a journey,
but did we ever imagine it would be such a ride?

she was a jhalli crazy gorgeous tradition honouring girl, her own woman; he was a laad governor khadoos arrogant rich handsome man, in a way a renaissance man. together they created a khatarnak chemistry no formula could contain, the lab exploded har baar. and they took us for a ride we'd never forget. we'd never want to forget.

we'd want to go for it... again... and again.

blast from the past has reached past episode 300... thanks, doctor and risha for thinking of an idea which had many miles in it. not all ideas have that, not all treks end on the top of a mountain, not all distances are traveled with such joy.

nor with so much trepidation as the ride vrooms and careens through known territories yet they throw up so many surprises and new vistas that you stop and look and stare and say, hey, did you see this the last time we went this way? is this new? or are we new? looking at things with a different eye, a deeper heart maybe, a dhak dhak dimaag?

as we get to a most interesting bend in the road, just past halfway to the last episode of iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, we'd like to get off the track for a bit and sit around enjoying what's gone before, catching up, looking at some paths that seem to have interesting trails as yet unexplored. we'll take a break for two weeks to begin with, to be extended should we feel like it.

come join us as we chill and delve into ipk, and hang on real tight... begging to be taken for a ride.

he touched down once more,
and so began our little trip called blast from the past,
starting right from episode 1.
20 decades on, a few glimpses,
a run through the deadly,
but uffly rewarding route.


300 episodes already. unbelievable, someone might say. or maybe rush off to make jalebis in a frenzy, hey dm. but really, when we started out with episode one, this day had looked pretty far away. in between, when we started playing around with the frequency of posting episodes, this might have seemed a point really far in the distance, years away. and now suddenly it's here. a simple number that says, three quarters of blast from the past is done. where are we, i wonder, on that trek of ours? maybe as far as asr and khushi were from nainital, you think? and that was episodes 93 or so till 99, towards the end of the the first quarter of blast. i am suddenly sad. the beautiful days of a man madly in love with his wife, wooing her back after upsetting the hell out of her is merrily on. asr and his gussa pyaar, khushi and her won't give in though i love you thing. he is excruciatingly hot, she rather lovely to look at despite the trademark tent suits and "bump" on head hair style... can one imagine anyone looking even halfway human in that pink blue velvet horror story she had to wear on her birthday. poor sanaya irani, the price of being naturally slim tall and elegant looking is you get dumped with the worst wardrobe on earth. she actually managed to make khushi's initial multi hued churidars look almost cool. asr as the man who wants to be her "pati" and insists she take her "huq" is coming up... i'll pretend we have 300 more episodes of ipk left and dadi will never come. yes, that sounds good, that's what i'll do... now i am off to make jalebi, have fun. 



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