Monday, 4 January 2016

episode 283 the eye is the storm

a man stands there behind the pile up of cartons in a godown with a deadly look in eyes...

as rocky points his gun at him and looks threatening, he smiles. almost pleasantly.

and in a cool voice asks, "kya hua?"

what's up.

"abhi se itna dar gaya?"

scared already?

i can feel my heart do a slow flip and a smile leaping by my lips. it is such a joy to be in the hands of an expert.

the entire episode told us many things about khushi's desperate love. somehow khushi and nk decided asr making shyam executor of the will means he will inherit everything. then khushi felt terribly guilty because to save herself, to convince asr, she had agreed to team up with shyam, and get his papers signed.

at last she realised shyam ain't no angel, and the papers were switched.

the whole thing of switching, one thing turning out to be another happens again and again in ipk. shyam switched papers, she will do the same, and later the diesel water switch... she herself was a switch on that ramp that very first night they met.

i did feel the dwelling on her ghin and hating shyam went on a bit too long, going on about something does not make it more impactful.
however, in a moving bit of writing she goes to devi maiyya and confesses, it is her misguided decision that has now taken arnav ji all the way to khatra to his life.

she is horrified but then pulls herself together and along with her absolutely rock steady confidant and partner plans their next move.

she says, she does not want to prove anything any more... she just wants him to be safe.

a big step in love. letting go of something that one needs for oneself, in this case, the proof of her innocence. not many can walk away from that. yet, she does. and again a touching understanding of pyaar by writers.

almost completing the thought will be asr's giving up of any need of any proof. he the man of reason, who does not believe in anything till it is rationally examined, he who loves with all his heart and is completely shattered by what he sees on the terrace, what is "chhap gaya hai", lets it all go... his hurt, his need for material evidence, everything... and accepts love for what it is. just that. enough in itself. no need for proof.

something poetic about her being willing to be suspected of immorality if need be but stop this hunt for evidence and his relinquishing of any need for such things, just trusting her.

yet somehow the scenes were before my eyes, never quite entering my mind.

i even felt that talk with dm, how all this happened because dm and khushi were not together, but now that dm is here, all will be well, was very contrived. placed too carefully in the mix. her other conversations with dm were somehow always more charming and real and "khushi."

what was the problem? was it the words? the direction? the acting? couldn't figure out.

anjali saw shyam come out of chhotey's room. seemed happy he was given raksha dhaga by khushi though she was irritated that her husband didn't answer her call.

then mysteriously she was cold with khushi and said one should watch where one's going, why do something that one will need one to apologise for later...

clearly i was meant to read all sorts of things in the many looks and words on screen.

again, no connection.

and right at the end, for a reason i still don't quite get, khushi decided that the only way to get shyam to sign certain things would be to ask him to leave his wife.

oh so "cleverly," writers made sure she never said the damning words, achhi ladki after all, nahiiin, kitchen audience will wilt and die if heroine says such bad bad things.. so they got shyam to complete her sentences... what the.

but suddenly set in the middle of all this were a couple of minutes with arnav singh raizada and a look in the eyes, a confident smile on the lips. my senses rushed in, slamming to a connect, much like what happened when that hand on khushi's back yanked her to collide with him and stay there.

up there was the first shot of him after a frantic search by poor rocky for his quarry.

i stared when the face came into view partially. my eyes were fixed on the gaze.

something said to me, how can a man in a ridiculous vest standing in tacky sets, look so damn elegant.

i have no idea how this actor is without work for so long.

anyway, i will always have that shot... so i'll just be happy with that.

he continued his chat with the dumbfounded kidnapper.

"baad mein kya hoga jab main sach much bhag jaaonga..." what will happen later, when i really run away, he asked without raising his voice, the slightest inflection conveying a whole personality. he sounded like he'd had enough. he had been shocked initially, he had gone through a lot of physical abuse, he'd been perhaps winded for a while. but after the conversations with khushi, the meetings, the loving, after the last conversation with her and sending her his missive, he seemed to have gained strength and focus.

back to being all arnav singh raizada he was.

and all of that the actor showed really in that one single shot up there. talk of nonverbal communication. actually, don't talk.

"in fact, apne boss ko aur dost logon ko inform kar do..." in fact, inform your boss and your pals...

asr music comes in smooth and powerful, pushing aside everything, loping gracefully, and inexorably.

"kal din... suraj dhalne se pahle, main yahan se nikalne wala hoon..." tomorrow before day's end, i'm going to be leaving... beautifully chosen words, i missed a couple, but that "main yahan se nikalne wala hoon"... very very casual. no big deal. almost laughing off the big bad kidnap.

and funnily when the actor says it you believe him. you also believe this is possible. our sense of disbelief, read back in communication class, must be suspended for us to believe in the story playing out on the curtain. being in a theatre environment, cut off from all "reality,"  sitting rapt before a large screen, helps in this.

here i am, sitting on my not too comfortable chair in my small den, traffic noise filtering in, staring at my computer and watching the scene on a 6 inch window... and i have just thought, yes, after being in captivity for many days, and being beaten, hardly eating, no bath forever, no teeth brushing and who knows what else, a man can look like that and of course, he will be leaving the next day.

in fact, i want to sing heee is leeaaving, and i am excited just looking at asr.

of course, the world doesn't need this actor. give us the pals and sons and nephews of the bosses of bollywood pillleejh... heee is leeeaving. 

and i better get my binoculars, sorry "doorbin... check."

"c'mon acsson!"

a conundrum.

the document that nk and khushi found looked like a will. but the bit that had the bold illegible signature definitely did not resemble a will in any way... hai re, everyone has clearly forgotten, nand kissore is in the detail.

that asr thing

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