Monday, 4 January 2016

episode 282 truly nandkissore

i have one major question really: why this pace of password typing?

who exactly keys in a password at that slow pace, with little intermittent dithers. this reminds me of hindi films where this electrical wire is burning at one end, heroine is tied to the other or something connected to it... electricity, defying all laws of nature, is traveling very slowly down the wire, while tension mounts as hero tries to reach her, slaying dragons and other minor obstacles along the way. lots of intercutting and music crescendoing and stuff.

if there's one thing we key in fast almost without thinking, it's the password.

when it comes to direction and writing, patchy doesn't even begin to describe it. too many directors, too many writers, to little time and too little spine... not a good recipe for soap quality i guess. talent is of no use if you ain't plannin' to nurture the heck out of it.

so, while there was to my mind the requisite element of ughifying creepiness to shyam's villainy - the girl who pushed him away on the terrace he tried to hug tight in a password, transgressing boundaries, saying what he isn't supposed to, wanting her mere paas mere saath exactly as the man in captivity, and almost touched her, possessed her with his disgusting ploys, making her an intrinsic part of a plan to swindle the man who this very girl loved beyond herself -  the execution was lacking in style, majorly.

iloveyoukhushi in all caps does the now-a-little-too-bloated-and-overacting-as-if-he-were-in-a-puja-jatra shyam type.

khushi is shocked while nk writes it down not quite realising what has just transpired.

but finally when it strikes nk, he is the opposite of shyam... abs straightforward; simply asks, what the h is this. that guileless behaviour is refreshing, a much needed feeling of cleanness amid the filth.

khushi, in the language we women are encouraged to adopt, prevaricating or toned down, as though we should be ashamed the man is all over us, somehow almost blame ourselves even, says, "woh hamare paas aane ki koshish karte hain..." he tries to come near me. huh! near you? he is groping, aggressive, got engaged to you... but khushi is perhaps brought up to look at this whole thing from the pov of "rishtey," so what if you have a hyena in your bed, it is rishtey after all and di's world will be turned upside down.

i loved nk's response... straightforward and really honestly, valid.

we need this thinking to be upheld instead of constantly showing sick men getting away with it in the name of samaj and rishtey.

disgusting... nk exclaims and almost shouts, "
bas, main aur bardasht nahin kar sakta bilkul nahin... this is too much." i can't bear it any more, this is too much. and damn right he is.

he is the clear eyed, innocent defender of the good... we sorely require men like these.

he is like khushi in many ways, but he has been brought up a) outside india where such things are looked at more objectively and, b) as a man, not a girl. khushi has been taught to be "circumspect." sad, isn't it. when asr asks her why she didn't come clean about shyam, she says all sorts of things about how it was to save his sister, his family... what nonsense our heads are filled with.

in my family, this kind of thing has happened. egregious men without conscience who've used the whole women's izzat issue have been tolerated and it has only managed to ruin more lives.

a kiss kiss to my sweet nk.

there was talk of why akash might have been a better partner for khushi.

not really. the character is too timid. too hemmed in by all sorts of social niceties, and very much the younger bhai who melds and flows, never stands apart. or out.

when he falls in love he sighs softly. when nk decides to give it a shot, he lands up with a bunch of roses middle of the night, realises later uh huh girl is taken, doesn't fall to pieces, remains straightforward and fun and strong... very khushi like and endearing and nutty and courageous.

nk is my sweet free radical... loving, kind, flirtatious,
goofy, but not tied down within. he speaks his mind.

really, i think we need many nks and asrs in our duniya.

"khushi ji, hum iss ghar mein itne gande aadmi ko kabhi nahin rahne de saktein..." bravo, my babua.

but that cannot be done and khushi sets off to get the voice recording of snake saying the impossibly obscene words. a scene around which plenty effort was put in... but again, i did not connect. acting just not up to the mark. though both sanaya and abhaas tried very hard. perhaps too hard.


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