Friday, 17 June 2016

episode 386 farewell to dimaag

it was time to say goodbye... not just to akas bitwa and khoon bhari tang, but to our beloved show.

only 12 episodes more. two weeks. partings are never easy. a bizarre weirdness intensified across the frame.

who bids farewell to family members standing in the hallway like that... beside, don't we go to airports any more? notice too, there was no dinner at this party. the do consisted of baddie revelation and then tearful goodbyes, hugs and all, cheesy as h. people stood like statues and waved away as akash and payal saw themselves out.

i had a feeling, people were really crying though. if things had been difficult for us as the controversies raged, couldn't have been easy for the cast either.

akash had appeared a clean shaven, sweet goofy young man peering through his specs, gentle and caring, always a bit in awe of his bhai, falling in love with an unsuitable girl and having the courage to pursue his heart... even if he never looked valiant. but i will remember his stark opposition to his mother's plans to get him married to bootiphool reech girl. akash, yeah, will miss you... for too many months you've not been yourself. maybe in america you'll again resolve back to you. who knows.

and payal, the girl with so much potential. strong, quiet, straight forward, a girl who could love a suddenly adopted sister as her own, never resenting that she had to share her babu ji's love. poised, innocent yet sensual... one could see why akash couldn't forget his dupatte wali. but then suddenly it was as if no one knew the girl that was you. how hard you struggled to stay payal. and maybe in some ways you did manage to be yourself. no wonder jeth ji is so protective, don't let her roam around alone in america, it's a new country.

next morning, suddenly it was diwali. but not the one we'd recall constricting throat and chasing heartbeats.

it was farewell to the khushi we knew... at diwali at least. didn't she eschew pataka? didn't she tell la all the things that asr has to all of a sudden tell her now?

and since when is asr so full of advice? leave him angry, not too right, but absolutely pure of heart, please... don't try to roll him into an ultra sweet laddoo, delicious and always oh so palatable. 

a farewell permanently to the man who doesn't like children. okay, i didn't mind his little chat with aarav, and yes, being essentially sensitive, he would pick on aarav's tender vulnerability... he would want to set things right. but i don't think for that he'd rave and rant at khushi for not letting aarav have what he wants...

i know i know... this is the setting up of the mrs india tale and we need a fight. and yet, everything is feeling strange.

not at all like diwali.

farewell to hearing dialogues because then you'll realise how much of cutting and pasting was done at this point. the scene where anjali asked about the laddoos, khushi clearly said, jiji has said it's at a certain place.


isn't she in a plane flying over the atlantic by now?

so you're rummaging for already shot material, bunging in some fresh stuff and cobbling together the last two weeks of ipk.

and because no one is quite focused, there's chaos running through it all, nothing is coming off quite right.

i will always wonder if this was necessary.

good to see, hp doesn't care about anything, he is intent on getting screen time as usual. so where were you, hp, when akash and payal left... how come you didn't appear to look into camera and open the door.  note asr's set lips and aloof gaze... memories, oh those memories.

yes, asr, kiss her by the rangoli... mess the colours up a bit too... look terribly cute while you're at it despite scruffy stubble. we need to remember the things diwali meant and rangoli... we are all preparing to say goodbye. 

today pixlr was in no mood to let me edit. maybe these farewells are getting to it too.


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