Friday, 17 June 2016

episodes 391/392 the show goes on

they got him to get angry. she was made to pick up her sandals and run. they had dressing room shots and the music from the fashion show in the first episode... and other familiar tracks.

there were even some carefully choreographed shots of the family, and my sweet nani ji said, "all the best!" in a cool accent unlike her bahuriya... clearly the nani of our angreji amriki accent boy asr...
and yet.

and yet.

nothing really fell into place...nothing gelled... or told a story of asr and khushi. not even that coming close and lifting up in arms that at its best is an ode to love. 

for the heart is flown, the head is not in its place. dil and dimaag, we had them both and now they elude the story teller's pen, the cinematographer's lens, the director's "cut it!"

the same people who adeptly created the sense of a trendy fashion show under the stars in episode one... even though they neither had a really upscale collection nor exactly ramp models and certainly not the sort of money they had hoped for... now came up with this extraordinarily cardboardish so called mrs india set up.

nothing feels even faintly believable. yes, the viewer must suspend disbelief to enjoy a movie or a show... but to what extent. and for what.

the viewer really does it because something in the viewer is touched, allured, wanting to make the adjustment, leap into the story.

none of that here.

looks like someone is sitting with a list of ipk things to be shown in these last days, and ticking them off one by one. 

even his anger didn't get me in a tizzy. sigh.

and of course, he had to be the sponsor. ipk was never predictable, always a spark of canniness in it, intelligence... now disappeared like lakshmi ji. then just like the day they had met, she fell... but this time not into his arms. 

she sat there awkwardly staring at him, the whole room acting weird. people really don't behave like that. and what was that about khushi's falling being "improper"? strange dialogues.

i missed a young man walking out onto a ramp in black and utter cool, with two women in red, leggy and modelish, a tad haughty, flanking him, striking a pose..

i missed a girl in green looking fragile, scared, yet strangely untouched and lovely, wondering what she was doing on a ramp, her high heels making her stumble.

there was a heady feeling in the air, a mystery in the night. now we are in a strange oblong room with an even stranger ramp, and the two are at either end of it... an element of slap stick in everything. any deeper emotion or good acting so out of place here, and who is the art director these days... what's with that colour sense.

just mulling, since when is our angry young albeit a bit tired asr so restrained in his behaviour. he sees khushi, she trips, falls, he just decides not to leap to her rescue, he doesn't even say he knows her, she's his wife... arnav singh raizada?

poor fellow, sar pe 102 ka bukhar i bet.

i feel like yelling and saying, bring me back my asr khushi, my ipk... even my nk. c'mon, the guy does nothing but hang around with the women and pass not so funny comments and play khushi ji's best friend?
it's a pity, the extreme games off screen at this time interfered with what was getting on screen. but i must say, the actors tried to make the show all that it had always been, even when the script was patently weak. for that i am grateful.



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