Friday, 17 June 2016

episodes 393/394 salad days

curiously empty episodes both. like on a crash diet. not even salad on the menu, for certainly no crunch in them. things keep happening as if just to fill the time. there's an air of bewilderment almost on the frame. characters appear out of nowhere and in this terribly short time remaining... only four more episodes... they seek to be etched and accepted.

there's sam in red pants. there's i forget his name in black pants and mean look, the baddie whom khushi will tackle. there are of course the mean girls. and their unfathomable ways and very bad acting skills with awful dialogues thrown in. this is all about the bad bad fashion world which khushi who is so achhi will not be able to handle. needless to say, she of course will. the premise of this track is surely la la land.

when asr asked khushi had he not walked in when he had, how'd she have handled the swimsuit round problem, she blithely said, of course she'd have found a way. reminded me of our politicians. we are so busy negating the relevance of knowledge, why can't a tv show pay tribute to this very thing.

fact is, what asr said is right... the world he works in is not known for its sweetness and navigating it is tricky as hell. you need to have some feel for it, some knowledge. just because you are such a lovely girl, you won't start winning contests.

both nani and di gushed, what's really good about khushi is that she can win people's hearts. neither said anything about her personality, her abilities... we women, if we mean to be achhi, we better learn nothing is about us, it's only about pleasing people and winning their hearts...

why am i even trying to make sense of things? did you see kamlesh khabri... in his third avatar? i love it, if asr has a double and khushi too - oh she was so visible in that pita sandwich scene - then kk ji has a triple. always ahead, our news hound.

i did like asr's easy smooth flirting with the wife in front of everyone... do you like jalebis? and that look.

their altercation on the road and khushi's handling of weird man were not that funny, but she did look cooky and he oh well, i can't breathe at times.

"haan dekha maine... for my sake, please come and sit in the car.." yeah, i saw... for my sake, please get in the car. okay, that was finny. and barun did a deadly delivery. reminded me also that he handled mami with a "haan, mere liye" the time she was all set to leave home but he convinced her she ought to go get some sleep.

finally we came to the scene which is possibly one of their last scenes together... by the poolside. the rabba ve... also known as yoga ve. i watched him watching her. he always liked that, didn't he? she brought something into his life that he had never expected, he had never known. just looking at her filled him with feelings that made everything seem worth it perhaps. his eyes always sought her... sometimes without him even knowing. and once they found her, they were always reluctant to move away.

you sensed he had an overwhelming, powerful feeling for her. one he perhaps couldn't come to terms with for a long time, buy once he did, there was no shying away from it. he perhaps even now didn't quite understand what it was or why it was so, but he knew it was there. and that's all that mattered.

in a script most strange and unconvincing, for just a few minutes asr made me believe he was looking at his nutty crazy wife whom he loved beyond reason beyond everything. she was all set to take part in a tough contest, and she'd have to face many things she wasn't ready for... she would also have to diet and do yoga. and he is overcome with a wild tenderness for her, even though he doesn't agree perhaps with her decision. he is also worried for her and wants to protect her. and at this moment as he stands gazing at her rapt while she looks a little lost trying her yoga moves, all he knows is he loves her.

as he leapt to save her, as their hands touched, as she started and then settled against him, as he nuzzled her gently as if to say he wants to make love to her, as her face contorted just a bit as if in a rise of desire... a beautiful love story reminded me why i am here at all, despite the bad episodes.

i wish they didn't do the customary fall and catch. there was no need for that here. just as there was no need for the song at this poolside that diwali night.  


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