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episode 388 all ipk is a stage

as i watched, i felt a pall of sadness, both in me and the screen i was staring at. last days i guess are never easy. that too, acrimonious last days. someone on the forum had said at the time that she had visited the sets during this phase and there was a desolate air about it... not her words, but what she'd written had made me think that. seems a girl was smoking and screaming at someone, then the director came out and there was more shouting. i sensed anger and frustration. 

no matter how much make up you put on, the real picture always comes through. there are chinks in the war paint, there are hearts breaking and not exactly rabba veying. you may don red, you may want to be joker to make everyone laugh, including yourself, but the heartbreak is always the end note, the note that lingers, that got felt even when everything had been done to mask it. 

in a funny twist, what arnav singh raizada had said once, seemed to be true. "iss duniya mein jisske paas paisa hai, ussike paas taqat hai... just remember that!" in this world, the one who has the money, has the power. a story that compelled us to look at love in all its names, including hate... which made us yearn to romance, made us feel the power of an emotion...of attraction... of desire that draws us toward another no matter what... that brought love centrestage, not money in a world going dizzy counting only that...  such priceless things, yet ultimately deep pockets called the shots.

i should have trusted asr i guess... i got carried away.

khushi looked at a scrap of paper in which her channe were wrapped and got to know of the mrs india competition. i have been a copywriter for years... i know, you always try and go back to the beginning as you end. it's a classic ad writing thing. it is supposed to tie things up neatly. give cohesion, unity. makes the reader decode the main message better...

we started on a stage on a dark mysterious evening of sixth june. we will end on a stage. she had been lost and scared and confused on that ramp, but now we shall see her confident, on top of things... character growth. he had looked at her with inert eyes. now his eyes will be full of love... a whole story told.

and so, hey, where to find a stage? why, a mrs india contest of course... see, we are so clever, khushi kumari gupta who has an a in her name, aaa, aaa... now she is a srimati, a missus, what a journey.

and of course we must deploy all her little elves to bring about this fairytale to its conclusion.. come on then, channe, jalebi, recalcitrant shoes, love of food...

might have even worked, if people's minds and hearts were not so troubled. after all the first episode, it had enough and more improbable moments... which fashion show director would make a mistake like that. she was just a girl in a lehenga at the wrong place, so he yelled and screamed, while others flew about putting on make up, changing her shoes, throwing on a dupatta... and there she was, pushed onto the stage.

such things don't happen.

yet, it never really mattered. because there was pyaar in it all. now paisa rules. and all it does is tear the heart asunder. not just the viewer's... everyone's.

there was a beautiful moment captured in that fight of theirs... he had called her ridiculous in his own way... weak, not in touch with reality. such fights do happen. and even the most loving people say miserable things to each other. it hurt khushi. asr understood that. something sweet about him wanting to make it alright... he kept trying, but he didn't manage to hit the right note. happens. she was upset... i can understand.

but was that the best way to explore these emotions?

also, what the h is a mrs india competition? and how the h does taking part in it establish you are a confident person who can face the world and run a business and earn money?

and since when did khushi have a self esteem issue?

of course, she can walk on heels, dammit. she only trips when strong arms can shoot out and gentle hands land on her shoulders and a deep voice say "come!" huskily, yes so huskily, and she can be propelled backward, made to sit on a chair by the pool, two concerned eyes looking at her, a man kneel before her, a pair of searching hands lift up her saree just that much and hold her foot, and you know... thoda dard hoga.

in all other situations, khushi walks perfectly on heels.

she loves to dress up... go back to the day of teej and watch her confidence while getting ready. she has  a great eye for accessories and is a master of putting together the most unfashionable, behenji things and looking totally irresistible. ask asr. ask shyam. ask nk. ask me.

as for confidence, don't you remember how good she is with pratiyogita, her yaalgaar yaalgaar call during sangeet? she has never lost a competition on stage.. she can even step right into the raizada arms and twirl away perfectly, not a step missed, in front of a whole room full of strangers, despite acidity hitting her hard.

and anyway, she never had a problem with facing the world... or tackling difficult things.

so if she were feeling hurt by what her husband had said, i am sure she'd have found something far more interesting than this to calm that feeling within her.

but the writers needed a stage and a denouement within ten episodes, their dil was not in it, their dimaag just wasn't functioning too well. 

tum theek ho? asked the tycoon. and i have to say, he sounded sweet, a man who just must worry about his ladki, who has said what he really didn't mean in that way... an old habit really.

nahin, arnav ji, hum theek nahin hain... replied ipk.

Broken Heart

i did laugh out loud though when the classic rabba vey pose pulled out to fairly astounded onlookers and mami brazenly asked about the romancing that doesn't end. i also had to give credit to the team of fine actors that tried to keep cool through the absurd days and do what they could to keep the show going. note, nk from kidney never had any job/pastime/occupation of any sort. no one even bothered to comment on that. LOL 

and sanaya managed to look lovely in that innocent way of hers, making me so want to see them again... khushi, the batty cute mad sassy one. asr, the rude insolent autocratic one. and a story that was completely weird and such abs fun.


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