Tuesday, 21 June 2016

episode 395 a woman in his life

for some strange reason khushi reminded me of audrey hepburn in my fair lady... she had come down the stairs in her delicate floaty gown looking a little lost that night of the ball. she didn't have long dangly earrings, but there was a bit of eliza in this moment.

henry higgins. arrogant, chaotic, sharp. a man who'd "never let a woman in his life." shades of asr there. and that whole transformation of khushi thing. i wondered if a bit of the fabulous romance been "borrowed" here.

certainly, the first rabba vey was being tagged here. anyone who watches the show will be able to see the similarities. camera movement, screenplay, expressions... in so many ways a reminder of episode 22. we're reaching the end, time to tie up the story neatly, with references to the early moments.

there really was nothing remarkable about 395. but i did feel a funny twinge as i saw the two of them face to face in the dark in that improbable stapling khushi's torn gown scene. this was possibly one of the last times we'd see them together in the same shot.

there are a couple more. but that's all.

how perfectly the two vibe, even when nothing makes sense.

and everyone made sure nothing did make any sense whatsoever. they dropped all finesse too. twenty minutes of pretty bad writing unfolded. i watched. a sadness in me. have i ever seen a man look at a woman with that thing in his eyes?

and they weren't possibly even shooting together at that moment. some day, they might act together again. i'll wait... hopefully, natasha amrita jay sam bhaiya ria and the rest will not be following them into that show. 



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