Friday, 17 June 2016

epsode 387 let's quarrel

"toh yeh hai aapka tarika aarav ko khush karne ka, usske liye mehenge tohfe laakar?"
so this is your way of pleasing aarav... by getting him expensive toys?


"arnav ji, aapko andaza bhi hai ki aap kya kar rahe hain?... jabh bhi woh naraz ho jaayga toh aap usske liye mehenge tofe lekar aayenge..."
arnav ji, do you know what you're doing? whenever he's angry, you'll get him expensive gifts...

i'll get...

"... toh woh paise ka mole kaise samajh paayege?!!"
then  how will he know the value of money?!!

"par kya zaroorat hai... jab tak main hoon?"
what's the need as long as i'm there? 

standing where you could see the water shimmering in the pool, all dressed up for diwali, they had a fight.

a nice rollicking one. 

i did like.

about the only thing that felt plausible in the episode.

and asr khushi. two people into early days of marriage, much in love, but with their differences. i liked the way they were on two completely different pages on the issue. to some extent both had a point... but really, finally their ego took over. good... that's how i fight, so maybe i get that.

i was also enamoured of asr's monosyllabic assertions. and i somewhere get what he is saying. he believes aarav needs to feel comfortable, needs to be pampered, at this point. though there was no need to say that about sweets and patakas not being the only way to win a boy's heart... that was purely so writers could bring in the fight.

i also found that almost confused, what's the need for aarav to learn the value of money as long as i'm around, awfully cute. something terribly loving in it... terribly. in the words, in the tone, there's a boy who lost love suddenly;and a boy who has known overwhelming loving, from his mother in his very young days; and a boy whose father didn't do what he was meant to... who wasn't there. perhaps all of that has made the boy a man who wants to be the right kind of father, take all the responsibilities... be loving to a point that may be even silly. though i do agree with his instinct. at this point, aarav needs soft gentle abundant love, surprises like that room full of goodies... moments that erase long memories of abandonment, being alone, anaath... parentless.

as the fight progressed, the issue became you vs me. who'd smarter. who's more capable. she said just because you earn the money doesn't mean you are the only one who has a say on decisions involving money. he said, i din't say that. she said, yes, you did... and don't mock me i can earn more money than you.

i grinned. i have said exactly those words.

he looked really irritated at that... yes, he would... and flew off the handle. lovely.

he snapped back in that i am the man and i know best way... asr, you are beautifully real. he harped on himmat and confidence and intelligence, and told her she just doesn't have what it takes to face the world, make money... he even mocked her jalebi enterprise. what business can you run... exporting jalebi?

the jalebi is a lovely part of their story i have to say, used in so many ways.

he was mean. can he be that? of course, he can. and of course, he doesn't really mean it. yet, in some tiny little degree, a smidge of a measure, he really does. asr and his takniki kharabi.

she is rightly upset. i would be too... and i might, as a result of this fight, do something about the asli duniya facing slur.

but would i instantly start acting silly (supposedly cute) and think of ramesh khabri, something or the other of kamlesh khabri, and stick out my hand and say, "myself whatever...," apply strategy of self assertion on doodhwala... and other such ridiculous things?

whoever understood the sanka of khushi is no longer part of the show. i am sure of that. poor sanaya struggles with pretty awful slam dunk slap stick for the neanderthal sort of writing.

barun suffers as asr is turned into something he just isn't. yeah, he cares for his wife, yes, he has been nasty and said more than he should have, he realises that, but would he use such ridiculous tactics to get her to his office and that too while talking loudly to himself about his cute (not) ploys? all i can say is, yeah right.

i see, ridiculous has come up twice.

this is a sign. directly from kamlesh khabri. who is really upset that khushi has switched gurus. 




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