Friday, 17 June 2016

episode 389/390 missing the mehsoos

i kept watching, hoping to see something nice, something ipk. we have come this far, to suddenly lose touch is disconcerting. i wonder how the creatives who brought about such fixed in the mind moments of attraction, desire, wrenching chaotic mystical absolute love... or was it hate... or maybe that thing it was which cannot be named... how those creatives could be so lost.

but they were.

in 398, i still felt like making a few caps, in 390, not even once did i want to stop and catch a moment.

a completely unreal mrs india thing is suddenly on. lots of dialogues, much action. nothing really works though. actors are trying hard to make it all seem normal, but their voices are pitched a little off, a little hysterical. their expressions don't quite hit the right note.

mami and nk have been homed in on to provide mirth, make time pass without anyone noticing.

i am noticing. 

okay, there's asr in his office. suddenly a switch to something familiar... he is still sounding like himself.

in rm, khushi looked for a moment like she used to... innocent lovely happy untampered... but the scene had no meaning.

but then on the stairs with asr with nk, i am giggling... that look on his face at the hyper k... that muttered "are you on drugs?" so inalienably ipk.

no other hindi serial has ever had that swish style, that intelligent air. here, even amid a collapsing imarat (isn't that what khushi had said way back post guest house?) a fractured epic (there, i used the word for ipk at last... it was that, and maybe the great epics need to get smashed so that we can go to another arena and learn something else, who knows... i know i am rambling, but i must i must)...

back to what i was saying, even in this state, there are moments unlike anything hindi tv and pure absolute cool.

are you on drugs?

yeah, maybe i am.

pure narcotics. no chance of rehab. 

a snapshot in the bedroom. two people, a stance, a thousand and one memories.

"watch the tone, khushi.." a low dangerous murmur.

"kya tone, kaisa tone!" what tone, what kind of tone, a snapped back, loud answer. i am laughing again. these guys together, that vibe... even in the finest of films i sometimes don't get this.


khushi was weird and cute, "aapki dadi chubti hai!"

she complained about his stubble. is this the first time? yeah, his stubble looks more aggressive, prickly... okay, let me not go into this at all. there are children on the thread.

"isse punishment samjho..." think of this as punishment. rumbly, wanna get closer to you voice.

what. my mind is flying to horribly chaotic places. and how does barun sobti get that look on his face when asr sort of flirts with his wife and loses his own moorings as things get a little... you know? please, mister, you can't act so well. aapki acting chubti hai.


again all that kissing on the cheek... no way, he kissed her hard on her lips just then. lifted her up and took her to that perpetually ready bed. bas. sorry, i don't care what sweet tv safe stuff you wrote, dear writers.

safe... brings me to the mehfoos mashroof conundrum posed by nk. yeah... you guys are all very mashroof as in busy i can see, but alas ipk is not mehfoos, that is, safe.

even so, i shall go to 390 and sit through 20 minutes of really meaningless stuff. the mrs india set up is so lacking in just about everything. tacky, unrealistic, vapid. and why the attempt to introduce "story" in the interaction between the judges. were they supposed to be a couple whose marriage was messed up and thanks to khushi they patched up again?

as you can see, my mind is in a state of cringe always, anticipating horror from all directions.

and those contestants, just out of the blue meanness toward khushi... why? terrible dialogues... no feel for the scenario, weird camera and direction. then suddenly some so called "mehsoos."

khushi spoke to herself about their "mehsoos," that feeling they have, how they sense each other when they are close to each other, and never get it wrong. felt like something from another serial. poor creatives, really really lost.

but mehsoos is a crucial thing... i can sense ipk somewhere nearby, just that it's a bit hidden these days behind all the shenanigans.


~ what does nani ji mean by, "shadi shuda auraton ka ek maryada howat hai..." married women have a certain status?

she never had a mind like that, not nani, that's dadi talk... and would nani say it in front of anjali? this is so tv soap nonsense. i absolutely abhor this reduction of women as a gender. we don't have to be married to have maryada, thank you. a host of privately held, money making, mostly foreign owned channels are underscoring a patriarchal mindset, taking us back to which zamana who knows, not respecting girls as girls, enough in themselves... this obsession with marriage... ridiculous. why do we even have things called mrs india? do we have a mr india contest for married men? why is it okay to show such biased bilge? recently, nurses have protested against being portrayed badly, made fun of, on tv... i wish i could really take up the issue of how women are portrayed and relegated to roles like wife and mother only on tv... yes we are or can be that, but we are not only that... and if we chose not to be either, also fine, we could still be fab people... i am incensed as you can tell by that maryada line.

~ yeh project tumhara baby hai.

while asr's hindi has a lot of english mixed in it, there's always elegance in the way it's done. this was a pretty strange sounding line. he'd just say, this project is your baby... that sudden "baby" in the hindi sentence was funny, as if someone meant to put that in here... usually marriages in hindi soaps lead to baby soon, that is if sex has not been banished on some pretext... was this some sort o f a take on that? the ipk baby being different from the other babies... whatever the reason, clumsy syntax. even more weird, the offer he makes... he is not stupid. why would he suddenly make her head of fashion shows or whatever? beside he has given her a company... so what nonsense, really. and please would he choose such an ugly room for the one he punishes with his chubti stubble? LOL


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