Saturday, 22 April 2017

a question

he was smitten but perhaps a tad scared, the feelings overwhelmed him. she was no fool, yet she never guessed that what she felt was attraction most elemental. when trouble came, and she was lost, she found herself when she saw him, and there was nothing to do but run and hold what felt solid, steadfast in a shaken world; what felt like her own. and it was him. his arms came up, he wanted more than ever to tell her he was there, he would let nothing happen to her. khushi, khushi called something in him, yet he couldn't let himself embrace the one he wanted to hold the tightest, closest, warm, and safe. he heard her say she can't be brave any more, she wanted to give up, and his eyes closed feeling her intense suffering. it was reflected in him. yet he couldn't say a thing. when he could say her name out loud, she had started to retreat. the girl who had run to him and thrown herself upon him; wanting his arms around her, hugging him with all her might, crying into his shirt, burying her face against him for protection, hope, and yes, love, she now stepped back and ran away, her dupatta flying winging her out of sight. she never looked back. there was just a question left between the two... why?


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