Tuesday, 18 April 2017

the mystery of the disappearing pictures

a curious thing has happened. almost all the pictures have disappeared from the blog. not all maybe, but a substantial number of them. i am fixing the problem, steadily, even if slowly... and therefore, i get to see shots from ipk again, mull over them, peer, check, make sure... it's like watching the show once more. khushi, asr, hamesha, faraq, today it was you don't have a character and talk to me and that fight on the bridge, that mit nahin sakta.

i wondered as i watched, my concentration 110%, is this some sort of trick? did ipk want me to watch it again, is that why the edits started to disappear surreptitiously? did ipk want me to get myself in a mess (of the most dammit and haivan pareshan kind) all over again?

okay, it was a technical hitch that did it, if i am to speak rationally. but this is ipk, where's the space or time to be in that mundane plane. rational? what rubbish.

a moment from that first phase of an unforgettable fight. a man in anguish, a man still angry, just after accusing his wife, his faraq, of infidelity. gosh, this is chhap gaya hai really.

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