Friday, 28 April 2017

took my jaan that goli

pyaar mein dil pe maar de goli le le meri jaan.
was this very cool writing with tongue happily in cheek or was there no connection between the song and the state of one arnav singh raizada? 

we'll never know since no one talks of ipk any more and even if they do, it's as if yeah, it was so long ago... but no harm in thinking they knew how the song works into the story and they gave a lot of thought to the design of the episode. it's 53. she is all movement and happiness and uncontrollable. i love the dance and the vibe. for the longest time, never connected it to the last, almost last, sequence.

in the middle, the very pretty, perfectly juxtaposed her sequence and his sequence over toot-ta tara, you couldn't miss the connection (and the point) even if you wished to. and all he sees is a locked door. a girl saying she is going.

was that the goli, the bullet, the heart took?

and now at night, he lies... so still, so deep, all that is uncontrollable is within. the bullet has found its mark it seems and there's a torture in its killing. tender sweet melody floats, a curtain billowing recalls a dupatta... how it touches him. memories come, softly, as if not to awaken anyone, just lie in him, stay there. a pensive, dark, elegiac scene.

nothing could be further from the loud, active, mimicry and mayhem filled scene of the one who has shot the goli.

i loved the contrast. and how happy she was, maybe because she had read isharas, which dm might not even have sent, and returned to delhi... not gone away hamesha ke liye. i liked the way, though dm was constantly referred to, we also saw that human action actually brought about things.

that silent reverie of his, the most subtle exploration of his disturbed state of mind, there was an actor who sensed beyond the brief. can an arrogant tycoon walk about in that state, thinking of a jhalli girl? of course not, the mind may say. but after this, the dil will laugh and rebut, if only you knew.

also smart was the way she kept saying something good will happen tomorrow, and nani threw a spanner in the works of mami and anjali. yes, something would happen the next day. a sweet tightness to writing. the paralleling with shyamwa continued, he too thought of that locked door and suffered. asr stopped his gf when she tried to get closer... lovely, almost a rejection... his mind is full of another ladki. and i suppose he is not into sneaking around and catching stolen kisses. instead he is struck in the heart and barely breathing.

love has shot a bullet in the heart, has taken away my life. 

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